They should have sent him home the very first morning he appeared like that and put him on leave until they figured out how to fire him.

[–] FeminineMistake 20 points Edited

Of course, rather than a teacher’s dress code (I agree with the poster who said here, and I apologize for not looking it up, something like “if you really don’t know what appropriate dress is around children, do you have the judgment to teach?”) what we need is for a principal to say “go home, come back dressed like a normal person of either sex, and don’t do this again.”

Where does this end? Do we get a dress code stipulating what bra cup size is or is not reasonable for a prosthetic? A rule about precisely how thoroughly nipples must be concealed by clothing? This might be a temporary solution to Lemieux, but the real problem is the abdication of responsibility of all the adults involved.

[–] pennygadget 11 points Edited

Yeah. Its like the old adage about pornography: "I can't define it, but in know it when I see it"

Any adult with half a brain knows what clothing is appropriate for working as a school teacher. And if they don't, they shouldn't be allowed within a mile of a school

Hell, they send 12 year old girls home for dress code violations. If they're expected to know the dress code, the adults should be held to the same standards

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 5 points

They should be able to, and ready to, fire any man who dresses like that, or wears womanface at all, because they are advertising that they’re pedos.

I suppose a rule saying prosthetics after mastectomy should be the same Size or smaller than your breasts were… I can’t see them specifying a specific size

Again, THIS is what happens when "gender expression" becomes a protected category and men are allowed to define what a woman is based on their own sexist stereotypes. Now we have a school that is unable to punish or fire an obvious pervert because he claims that his porn costume "affirms his womanhood".

Who wants to take bets that these professional standards will have some 'let's make it equal' nonsense and insist that women wear bras or skirts no higher than 1 inch above the knee. You KNOW they are going to find a way to punish women somehow.

I agree 100%. Society will always find a way to punish women. Even if they lose this time, they will still make sure that this rare “victory” of common sense will have a sting in the tail.

[–] Ave_Lucifuge gender atheist 15 points


"If you tell me I can't wear my validating Hindenberg Tits and wear my gender affirming slutty Japanese school girl costume to teach underage students, I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF AND IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT!!" 🤣

[–] TransWidow Memoir Oct 16! 8 points

Technically, giant porn boob prosthetics are not "attire."

Awesome! There are, perhaps, a few adults left in Canada?

Lecce is pretty unimpressive more broadly, but at least he’s saying something about this.

Lol. See they know it’s bad, but are so under the thumb of the gender cult they cannot speak out. Curious to see how this will pan out.