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Hentai Titty Teacher
83 % (202 votes)
The Piss Artist
9 % (23 votes)
Fascist Baby Bully
7 % (18 votes)
Other (honour them in the comments!)
0 % (1 votes)


[–] hontrapoints 69 points Edited

This has been such a crazy month for TRAs that Keffals didn't even make the cut.

The piss protest was barely 2 weeks ago.

Lucky month for the piss protestor I suppose, being overshadowed by boobs man. Or maybe unlucky, since being The Worst seems to be the goal.

Who's the baby bully??! Tf is going on 😭😭 Ngl tho, as disgusting as the piss protest was, and how awful it'd be to be a public janitor, hentai man has my vote. Strictly bc there is absolutely no way he isn't porn rotted and probably has child p***

There’s been so much lunacy recently I actually forgot about the piss guy! TRAs seemingly cannot stop excelling themselves; honour their antics here.

Hate to ask but who is piss guy?

I was going to provide a link to a great investigation of this dude on Twitter, but apparently 'this Tweet violated the Twitter rules.'

Unless the investigation was a glowing review of how stunning and brave he is, of course it got deleted off Twitter ffs

Man, that lady screaming "fascist" at a baby was something else. You'd think that might have been a "Are we the baddies?" moment, but I seriously doubt it.

You'd think that might have been a "Are we the baddies?" moment, but I seriously doubt it.

She only apologized because she made TRAs look bad lol. She still thinks she’s on the right side of history.

Yeah, she specifically did not apologize for literally verbally abusing a baby. "Sorry if you were offended" to a new level.

Did you see she apologized to the trans community but not to that family?

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 4 points

Unironically want to change my vote to this woman, only to deny TIMs an (awful) award they should sweep every time.

Anyone got a link? I didn’t see it.

This is my favorite part - "At one point she comes within inches of the baby, which remains calm." Dead.

My bet is that shop teacher’s goal is to get fired and sue for discrimination - he thinks he’s found a genius loophole. Like that guy in Alberta who changed his gender for cheaper car insurance.

I’ve been seeing more and more talk from TRAs that hentai boobs teacher is actually just a transphobe trying to make trans people look bad, lol. Whenever TiMs do something bad, first TRAs deny that it’s even a bad thing. Then if normies come out in force against it, TRAs claim the person in question is not actually trans. Over and over again.

who cares if they are or not they literally did it to themselves by demanding everyone be taken for what they say they are, they didn't care when rapists were being put in womens prisons, its about time karma started kicking in.

Yes! And also, they (TRAs) completely forget that they campaigned for this - they fought for men to be able to display their AGP fetishes and not face “discrimination.”

Well, now that’s what men are doing, and the school is afraid to fire him and the students are afraid to express their discomfort and that’s what TRAs wanted and fought for all along. Even if he’s not “true trans” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) this is the direct fault of TRA actions.

Yeah, that behavior is one of the things that made me really start questioning all the trans stuff. Seeing the way people responded to the Wi Spa incident—claiming that the women who were there that day and upset were a bunch of far right ladies who conspired to be there at the same time as Darren Merager to make a scene and who were somehow able to predict that he would be at the spa because there was some facility nearby that served homeless people. Such wild accusations backed up with zero evidence reminded me of how hardcore Trump supporters claimed that the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was carried out by antifa members pretending to be Trump supporters. It didn't help that TRAs doubled down after it became known that Merager is a registered sex offender and claimed that trans people are more likely to be charged with sexual indecency because they're targeted by the police, and again, zero evidence was provided for these claims. As an aside, I haven't seen anyone address the fact that in all these stories involving trans sex offenders it's overwhelmingly if not exclusively TIMs who have a record. I've yet to see an article on a TIF who's in the registry.

I keep saying this, but if he's a transphobe who's trolling, nothing's stopping TRAs from going to that school to protest. Call him a transphobe. Make the school administration afraid of defending him but from the "right" side. That they're not doing this is so curious, it's almost like, regardless of what they believe about his motivations, they can't formally object because he's taking advantage of what TRAs want for themselves.

A group of TIMs holding signs saying "stop making real transwomen look bad, Mr. Lemieux" would be fantastic, if that were in fact the case. I'll even chip in for the signs, if we find TRAs willing to hold them.

In a previous Ovarit thread someone posted a TikTok of this guy out on the street, and it was recorded more than a year ago--he's been doing this for a while.


That kinda made my day...so comedically absurd with the upbeat music. Like Benny Hill spotting in the wild.

[–] drdeeisback 9 points Edited

I did like the pairing with the catchy tune :)--it's actually perfectly synched with his walk. And the bounce!

Wow. And everyone in town was fine with it before he brought it into the classroom - seems like they’re far more tolerant than most places, he must have been mad he wasn’t getting enough attention.

From what we've all read, AGP does seem to behave like an addiction. First you do it in private, then you do it around the house, then you go out in public, then you adopt it 'full time' and take it to work. We see addictive behaviour, the world pretends to see 'a woman being brave enough to acknowledge her true and authentic self'.

[–] yikesforever 7 points Edited

I saw someone on twitter claim they'd seen him walking in their neighbourhood one time and it was most disturbing thing they'd ever seen...

If he was in NYC it wouldn't have been a big deal either... except when if it was in a school. People would be in the streets.

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 6 points Edited

I remember reading about that.
Other places with self-ID aggregated their auto insurance pools (no longer separated by sex) first, so that precisely that sort of thing wouldn't happen.

I wonder how Alberta rates non-binary identifying drivers? If they're their own pool, something tells me their insurance ain't cheap...

Other places with self-ID aggregated their auto insurance pools

So women get to pay more to cover reckless male drivers. Thanks, TRAs.

The AGP teacher with the huge boobs is really next level, I've seen it mentioned even by people I haven't seen talk about the trans topic before. Of all the things to get people really talking about it in Canada...

I cannot believe piss guy is losing! I wish the videos of him doing the piss thing as well as his 'performance art' hadn't been taken off Twitter.

Protests are hot right now, it's too easy to defend as """"""activism"""""".

Tiddymonster didn't have a message. He's just doin his thing. It really speaks for itself!

Yes this is a good point. Tiddymonster is the medium, and the medium is the lived life and the lived life is the message. It doesn't get more postmodern than that.

Me too. I seriously think he might really be GC undercover. The level of creativity in undermining TRA arguments is truly impressive. The execution is magnificent in its commitment. He actually pours piss over himself. While wearing an evening gown. With a visible semi. So many convincing GC arguments made wordlessly. Just genius.

And in the videos you can see that he also pours piss all over everything else within reach, and flings it around, including actually inside the building. There could literally be no more male behaviour than flinging piss around.

LMAO. So true. Splashing piss far and wide. And all while wearing a gross horror mask.

I voted for Piss Guy because although his work is not impressive as Hentai Tits Dude, he got much better media coverage.

that's like the exact reverse of why I voted for the shop teacher. I thought the pee guy was more aesthetically, symbolically, perversion-revealingly impressive, but his moment in the spotlight was brief and niche-y - you'd only know about it if you were already following this stuff.

But the tits guy is pretty dramatic, and is still drawing attention from people out into a wider school community, and could potentially cause policy shifts...

They're both disgusting but it's like the pee guy is multi-layered & complex and only the cool kids know about it, whereas hentai tits is the pop star - blatantly obvious and on every channel.

They're both disgusting but it's like the pee guy is multi-layered & complex and only the cool kids know about it, whereas hentai tits is the pop star - blatantly obvious and on every channel.

LMAO I like your analysis. Someone else said it might depend on where you are. I'm in the UK and Piss Guy got more exposure (as it were).

Also it's a bit easier for the trans community to disown Hentai Tits. Whereas Piss Guy really does "speak" (wordlessly) for all TIMS.

I never see any of this stuff on actual mainstream news, so it's all just what's picking up more internet activity and leading to coverage by more alternative news sites and stuff like that. But where I am there is almost no discussion or recognition of it in ordinary press these days beyond occasional passing psuedo-references (like when someone mentions some kind of "gender equality bill" without explaining what that really means).

To be fair, I don't watch a lot of regular news anyway. Still, to me, the boob guy made a bigger twitter splash (more threads with people asking, 'wait, what is TRA/GC/cis?/ ' etc), leading to greater possible backlash and repercussions since it could directly impact people going forward.

And it's true the trans community could try to disown this guy, but they don't. The school defended him on a gender-expression basis, even if they are going to try to make a rule about his attire or whatever. And TRAs have already defended him, saying a cis woman wouldn't be discriminated against like this, it's "only bc he's trans" blah blah. You might think they'd try to distance themselves from some members of their community - but no, they all want to push the boundaries. They like to see how far the next guy can take it...

I suppose it depends where you live, lol, cause in Canada I haven't seen anything about the pee guy.

I'm surprised you can see anything in Canada; I figured the hentai tits were literally blocking the sun at this point...

I think you're right. I'm in the UK and I think Urine Creep was a bigger news story.

It's true that Hentai Tits has more staying power though, and could well develop into something "even bigger".

[–] HERetic 5 points Edited

They're all winners, but I'm throwing an "other" vote to the baseless-accusation-at-work-confrontation guy who just knows HR and the c**t who doesn't even wear makeup are colluding against him when he sees adult human female stickers in the toilets.

I voted for the baby bully because that's Monty Python level of absurdity.

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