And it’s all so very superficial. I look enough like a gender conforming woman on the outside but always had many non-gender conforming personality traits and interests. Yet no one ever seriously accused me of “trying to be a boy” or something growing up.

Of course homophobia is also a major part of it—if I was perceived as a lesbian due to the way I looked, correctly or not, I would have had everything about me pathologized.

[–] madderthanhell 18 points Edited

Great to see this in the WSJ. And Colin Wright pitches it just right here, doesn't pull punches, keeps it simple - perfect.

Great article. Brutal and to the point criticism of this gender project. Medicalizing non-conformity is EXACTLY what's going on.

I promise you: many of the commenters who dismiss the idea of a person being transgender *have encountered someone who is transgender and had no idea.*

Or, we've encountered so many of them that we are at the point where it's refreshing to meet a middle or high school girl who uses she/her pronouns and the name her parents gave her, or at least a nickname with a more original meaning behind it than "I'm a person, not a girl."

“Defies explanation” ?!?!?🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ To Jody Herman: In how many other new ways need we explain it?

Got an archive?

Any idea of how the comments are running?

[–] Peppermint 8 points Edited

Most of the 600+ comments are GC or in the least they aren't going for the trans agenda BS. Most are just common sense comments acknowledging the horror of what is being done to kids now for big profits in the name of "care." Most of WSJ's audience usually responds like this which is great. Theres the usual 1 or 2 consistent TRA commenters replying to all posts with the BS retorts and tired/false arguments.

INB4 some big name BIG PHARMA ahole tells the WSJ to moderate ALL its comments or turn it off altogether. And maybe its happened already who knows. It is rather refreshing that the WSJ does publish articles in truth like these. Not often but enough for me to notice. I will stay subscribed.

P. S. The rare comment is deleted by moderators for going against WSJ's policies but its impossible to tell what exactly that was.

No, sorry. I do not have a subscription, I was reading the archive when I saw a request for the link.