I see all of these handwringing posts concerning FILIA, Kellie Jay Keen, some post by Atlantic writer Helen Lewis "drawing a line" on KJK for going on Tucker Carlson, etc. Can anyone fill me in on the drama?

I see all of these handwringing posts concerning FILIA, Kellie Jay Keen, some post by Atlantic writer Helen Lewis "drawing a line" on KJK for going on Tucker Carlson, etc. Can anyone fill me in on the drama?


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Why would you want to know drama?

Not all GC women think alike and can have very different views on how the ‘movement’ should proceed.

Which is inevitable. As not all women think a like.

It’s fine to have an argument against others approaches, to discuss these and challenge them, but not ad hominem attacks.

Plenty people who are gender critical aren’t radical feminists. Which is fine, women are allowed their own views, and imho agreeing on one thing does not equal agreeing on everything. But the radical feminist class analysis that played a very large roll in what is known as GC movement these days can be at odds with those who are biological realists and sick of stereotypes, but don’t know the political theory behind how patriarchal hierarchy oppresses women. Even within those who know radical feminism well there can be plenty disagreements.

As long as no one is name calling or making snidey digs, then conflict is fine. Even when they do, women aren’t fucking perfect and why are we expected to be held to a higher standard???

No one needs to give TRAs screen shots (unintentionally) of us slipping into adhomien attacks though. All good to dissect people’s views, but it’s important imho not to let that slip over into misrepresenting their views/taking them out of context, or making digs at the person’s intelligence or character because of their views. KJK has done phenomenal work on GC matters, she appeals to a cross section that might not get other GCers. As gender ideology impacts everyone, then that’s good. It’s important radical feminist action and discussion remains centred on radical feminist discourse though. There’s room for radfem GC movement and other GCers in the world though, imho.*

*I could disagree with 99% of what KJK says, but I’d still think it’s hugely important to recognise the sheer fucking courage she has had in her actions. She isn’t a billionaire like JKR or a feminist theorist like many key figures, she wasn’t acting on her employment safeguarding regulations like others, or in a position of power like Yardley when he refused to back down when mermaidy fucker took him to court for transphobia. She wasn’t backed by solicitors that said she had a solid case, or by an organisation that pooled funds/support. She was just a normal mum who put her name and face out there, very early in this, before some of the relative safety of judgements like MF & AB & others, and didn’t cower when talking about children’s safeguarding. And she’s never wavered from that, she’s never backed down. I’ve known plenty women stick their noses up at KJK not being a radfem, but who are too fucking cowardly themselves to tell their kids school that funding stonewall isn’t fucking on, or that lying to kids about changing sex is a safeguarding fail or that the equality act has single sex exemptions for a fucking reason. I bet KJK wouldn’t hesitate for a second to tell some head teacher on a power trip to wind her/his neck in and learn to copy and paste the equality act properly.

I also happen to have a soft spot for difficult women, even when I disagree with them. Probably because I am a difficult woman. I’d much prefer my girls grow up to be difficult and loud, than silence themselves if everything out their mouths isn’t 100% well thought out.

I get completely exhausted by the complainers who do nothing but whine about how they can’t do anything, but then shit on someone who DOES SOMETHING and they disagree.