[–] Hera 45 points

Finally, if Lemieux was transitioning in a genuine fashion, why would he (or anyone else for that matter) make such a grotesque spectacle of it? I imagine most trans people simply want to blend in with the other gender and not draw an inordinate amount of attention to themselves by dressing up as an over-the-top drag queen

Oh boy do I have some bad fucking news for this writer ahahaha...

[–] Researcher1536 26 points Edited

The sound of hearty and exasperated chuckles reverberate throughout Ovarit.

Nah, this writer knows the score. David Menzies covered Yaniv extensively and doggedly in person and up close in 2019 and 2020. Menzies and the rest of Rebel News have taken the measure of what most men who "transition" are like and all about, they've been very good at exposing them.

[–] Chronicity 27 points Edited

This teacher is putting more strain on the cult’s groupthink than even Lia Thomas did. They don’t know what to do with this guy. If they say he’s a man pulling a stunt, that means violating the tenet of “a man would never pretend to be trans”. If they say he’s a transwoman, that means confronting the fact that men who make themselves look like sexualized caricatures of womanhood are being treated as though they are actually women. And the school’s defense of the guy undermines the claim that trans people are the most oppressed people on earth. Everyone who is sane recognizes he is getting away with something that would never fly with anyone else.

And minors are involved.

I’m seeing smoke coming out of the allies’ ears as their brains try to figure out a proper defense.

[–] furyosa no, thank you 26 points

This teacher was almost fired for ‘toxic’ masculinity last year, as well as not embracing woke culture.

I see he's unfamiliar with the incel to trans pipeline to think that the two concepts contradict each other.

This teacher was almost fired for ‘toxic’ masculinity last year, as well as not embracing woke culture.

So, just like Chuckie Clymer, he skirted #️⃣ metoo allegations by identifying as an "oppressed trans woman".

I wonder if a man, even a man with a cunning plan such as this (trolling&pranking, then retiring on the proceeds of said prank) would have the determination, the perseverance, the resilience to submit to the contempt in other men’s eyes for at least a year.

The life of a shop teacher simply isn’t stressful enough to seek to improve it by such uncertain (and unpleasant) means.

But for the students posting videos and pictures, this whole issue would have remained unknown. HE did not post pictures of himself.

In my opinion, it’s unlikely he’s trolling. He is a “true” narcissistic AGP and people just can’t believe that they exist.

[–] RisingUp 21 points Edited

Yeah there is no way that a man without a humiliation fetish is going to act that way.

It’s such a weird theory - on what planet is “Machiavellian schemer with long term planning skills who genuinely doesn’t give a shiny shit what anyone thinks of him” a more common male personality type than “pervert?”

He's also been going around town in that getup. Even if he feels he has to wear the fetish gear everywhere to really sell a discrimination claim, you'd think he could wear more normal clothes when not at his workplace. Without the skintight top, his "breasts" would just look like a huge gut.

[+] [Deleted] 11 points

I don't think this is the case. We've seen those videos of him just walking around town like that, with all the comments about how people have seen him in various places with his balloon tits bouncing, and the timestamps on them are from over a year ago.

Aside from this one anon comment from 4chan, all the video and photo and interview evidence just adds up more to "raging AGP incel who has escalated to wearing his fetish garb at work for thrills" than anything else.

I doubt he’d risk his career over it unless he was already fed up and planned to leave teaching.

Also, doing this as a prank is still exposing students to depravity.

Plus, David Menzies underestimates the trans community when he speculates that trans people most likely will want to blend in.

And, he says Lemieux seems to “blue collar” meaning too conservative to transition but surveys of trans women have found them to hold conservative views, especially of gender roles.

His past objections to gender neutral bathrooms only seem to come from 4Chan or 8Chan or whatnot and how reliable is that?

YET, it would be quite something if it were a prank but it not being a prank would be better for our cause.

David Menzies underestimates the trans community when he speculates that trans people most likely will want to blend in.

I believe Menzies is only feigning credence here. He's using a timeworn device, asking a rhetorical question and following it up by a statement in which he appears to give the trans community the benefit of the doubt. Part of the reason is because he does want to be fair minded. But another part of the reason is that he knows the juxtaposition will cause people to think about the inherent contradiction between the party line constantly stated by trans campaigners/allies and the way so many actual TIPs behave in the world.

Menzies is underscoring that whilst the idea that most trans people are nice, innocuous people who just want to blend in, get on with their lives and be left alone might be true of some trans people, it nevertheless is obviously the case that the "trans community" is chock full of OTT attention-seeking, paraphiliac men who will go to shocking lengths to get themselves in the limelight, make spectacles of themselves and cause discomfort, distress and trouble for others.

Menzies is a "shoe leather" reporter who covered Jonathan Yaniv up-close in person, relentlessly in 2019 and 2020. He repeatedly went to Yaniv's building and other places where Yaniv went, such as court and the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

Some of Menzies reporting on Yaniv from 2019 and 2020:






I think Menzies knows exactly who most of "the trans community" are and what motivates them.

If he's not far off retirement age with that sweet sweet Ontario teacher pension he might well think it was worth it. I think it's possible that he's gaming the system. I also think it's possible he's a 'genuine' TIM, if that makes sense. Anything is possible in a world with no fixed reality.

His past objections to gender neutral bathrooms only seem to come from 4Chan or 8Chan or whatnot and how reliable is that?

The green text purporting to be him mentioned voting for “Brandon” while the real guy is Canadian. So, not very reliable.

I mean, my ex opposed gender-neutral bathrooms before he went trans, too. It takes a minute to fully accept the dogma.

Just like Yaniv, the fact that we can't tell if its a troll or not is proof that trans ideology is bullshit

He seems full on AGP in all its perverted fetishy glory. Enjoy enshrining that bullshit into your laws, Canada.

I dont even know why he is being called out on it. So many TIM are like this. He is just another one of them.

I was thinking exactly this. It seems like this person knew he couldn't get fired over it because of the "gender discrimination" law. He is exaggerating in a most grotesque way. So it is most probable that it is a show. It doesn't excuse him for exposing the teenagers to that, but it proves that the law in Canada is wrong. It lets crazy people do harmful stuff and get away with it.

Edit: I also want to say that the law isn't even good for "genuine" trans people. This kind of scandals makes them look so bad to the public.

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