Still cannot wrap my head around how saying "no one is born in the wrong body" is supposedly "right-wing propaganda". Like c'mon people 🙄

It's a smokescreen to discredit what they're really after. The WPATH "eunuch" chapter, and the scramble to ban use of a word that otherwise means "salon hairdressers for pets," gave away the whole plot.

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I'm extremely disturbed by how many members of the general public ate up that bullshit about "groomer" being a "right-wing anti-LGBT slur". It's men grooming teenage girls that I thought was the classic example of what is meant by grooming, but apparently not only do many people disagree, but disagree because they think gay people really are pedophiles, and that being LGBT-inclusive means accepting that behaviour, just not the negative label for it!

It seems like most of the teachers called groomers on Libs of TikTok are women, often female teachers obsessed with getting their students to adopt an alphabet identity. And while I'd assume most of those women self-identify as "queer", there's no way they aren't actually straight.

she's also in support of book banning. They all suck. The idiot progressives who cry 'hate speech' and the the conservatives who want to ban books.

THE FIRST AMENDMENT, people. The US has no legal concept of hate speech and we should not promote banning books. She shouldn't need a police escort, but she also is promoting anti-democratic values. They all suck.

I think that there was a smear campaign against her on Twitter. But, wonder if wants to ban books could mean that she and others who are "book banners" want to protect their own children or young children from reading certain books. This talk was specifically about curriculum books being used to teach very young children about being transgender. Here is a document from WDI https://bit.ly/3C9AGRE

As leftwing and pro-first amendment as I am, keeping some books out of the curriculum targeting of children under 12 is appropriate, IMO, and maybe she'd agree with me on that. But some parents, the gender woo woos, do have the right to have access to the I AM JAZZ bs in school libraries. I think she wants to shut down access to those books as well. Pulling books from libraries is not a goal I'd support. Creating curated booklists in schools for elementary aged kids, allowing parents to opt-out of some controversial books for their young kids, I would support.

I'm conflicted as well. I'm against outright book-banning, but I think it's different for public schools to curate which books they stock in libraries. The go-to libfem/lefty defense of schools libraries owning books like Gender Queer is basically "your kids are already watching hardcore porn on the internet, ha ha!"

I don't think schools are obligated to provide books that are sexually explicit. Learning about the reproductive system is one thing, teaching kids how to have sex or masturbate is another. In any case, keeping sexually explicit books "for kids" out of school libraries doesn't keep them out of parents hands. Those books are still available commercially and in public libraries.

I'm very conflicted about this but agree with you that they should be at least curated. To me teaching kids that they are in the wrong body at a very young age is a pretty horrible thing to do. It's on par with teaching kids that some races are inferior. Books that directly counter the idea that you are likely born in the wrong body can't get through the gauntlet of publishers or TRA reviewers. Even books books portraying gender nonconforming children get scathing reviews. Subsequently, there really isn't a balance of ideas or books for librarians to develop their collections. The Rhode Island mom and other protestors usually include books about same sex parents in their censorship lists. Fine way to discredit any reasonable objections that they have.

Yeah this Solas woman is also anti Critical Race Theory, so she's just a racist, right wing scare monger tbh

She's right about this trans issue, but not bc she's a feminist. Same as Matt Walsh, Tucker, and that other one I forget his name at the moment. She is a person who probably thinks gender stereotypes are a good thing lol

People can't hold an event debating transgender issues without a TRA lynch mob forming outside. And any woman who speaks against it needs to hire private security. But trans people are totally the most oppressed and marginalized folx in the world, y'all!! 🙄

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Once again, TRAs show how terrified they are of any discussions around this topic. I wonder why?? /snark I would bet 80% of Americans are opposed to giving kids these drugs, especially when they hear that they are used to castrate sex offenders. Keep telling people that, tell them about the new Danish study, talk about the kids. Kids and sports are how to turn public opinion against this twisted ideology.