After a couple of weak posts, ExcelPope has come up with a cracker: Nineteen Eighty-four, viewed through the lens of gender politics.

It’s staggering how well deadname fits Orwell’s rules. Aside from being a noun-verb compound word, with the stress equally on both syllables, it cannot be easily translated into Oldspeak (standard English). Deliberately calling someone by a name they formerly used, might be as close as it’s possible to get, but that fails to convey the ideological overtone that this is a malicious or hateful action. It is even euphemistic, given that as the old name is removed from records and official documents, even, in some cases, birth certificates, it becomes not the name of one who is dead, but one who never existed. People lifted from the stream of history.

I might have to put 1984 on my re-read list, having avoided it as too disturbing for many years.

It's very disturbing, but the comparison is on point. A lot of people will say 1984 is about government controlling the populace, or a totalitarian regime, and it is about those in a way. 1984's basic point is much, much more insidious though. Newspeak is thought control, using language in such a way that it becomes impossible to express contrary or undesirable criticism.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Despite their oft repeated claim that transgender people have been around throughout history, even 10 years ago it would have been entirely uncontroversial to say men are male, women are female. Five years ago it would have been equally untroubling to say that males and females are biologically different. Through as much torture as they can muster, normally in the form of threats and bullying, the most vocal supporters have changed that.

Excellent article, and quite chilling. It's astounding how much the world has changed within the past 5 years.

Can I talk about how melodramatic the word deadname is? Why can't they just say former name, which is what it is. Why do trans people have to be so melodramatic about everything. The whole thing with Ellen Page was way beyond creepy. Wikipedia,IMDB and Netflix should not have changed everything just because she decided she wants to be a man.