In a sex shop.

Which is why we know they are a fetish. (well, that, and we have eyes)

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now, having read the article, I truly hope the kids do take it this far. All the year 12 students in bondage gear. That's what this story needs!

Ok ok I understand the artistic license BUT this part in the introduction is incorrect

one of its shop teachers suddenly began showing up to class with absurdly large prosthetic breasts

There was no “suddenly” about it. He’s been doing it for a long while. Let’s not pretend the administration was in any way proactive when dealing with this monstrosity.

Furthermore, the problems began when the students posted the pictures and the video. That “something in the technology lab” had been there for a long time.

The principal in this story is depicted too sympathetically. The real principal is guilty of severe dereliction of duty.

Yea I'm sure he had to have meetings with the teachers or at least he hung out in the teacher's lounge? Like why wasn't it an issue back then. Why was it left to kids to post photos on the internet?

This girl is my hero is she were real:

She’d worn spaghetti straps in an explicit violation of the Oakville Trafalgar dress code barring any visibility of the bra. Standard procedure would be to send her home to change. The student nodded, calmly produced a small baggie of drug paraphernalia, and began rolling a joint on my desk. “Just so I get this straight, principal, you’re going to send me home for wearing spaghetti straps?” she said. And thus, as she luxuriantly leaned back in her chair and took the first defiant puffs of cannabis smoke, did I fully grasp my new role here at Oakville Trafalgar. The entire grade 12 class could show up to school in bondage gear and I’m powerless to do anything but affirm the public expression of their authentic selves.

Takes me back to highschool and their mandatory wearing bras policy.