A bit unrelated, but the whole "don't assume I'm not gay" comment reminds me of a conversation I had with a colleague. I told him I wouldn't want a man working in a women's underwear shop, because I wouldn't want a man helping with the bra fitting. He then asked if it would be okay if the man was gay? (Clearly expecting me to say yes)... Why do people think women are okay being vulnerable in front of gay men?? And how on earth would we know it's a gay man? It's so stupid.

This man clearly tried to use the whole "don't assume my gender" thing, but probably hasn't quite gotten it right and conflates gay and trans. Stupid, entitled and aggressive... Not a good mix. I'm glad they weren't harmed.

[–] voltairine 40 points Edited

it took me a long time to learn how misogynist some gay men can be, i think it was because i grew up with gay uncles and i was afraid of thinking it would be homophobic. my uncle (now deceased) and his husband could be incredibly misogynist. you couldn't talk about bras, breasts, normal female bodily functions around them without them acting like it was "too much" for them to handle but they were more than happy to show me their gay pornography collection as a teenager and telling me i would inherit it. i'm now late 20s and i "don't believe in" male doctors for women. it's more trouble than it's worth.

Eek, that's not something one would want to inherit O.o What on earth??

Yeah, I believe it's very important to have a choice when it comes to doctors. And one shouldn't have to have a history of abuse or the like. A simple "I want a female doctor" should be enough. Personally, I don't have much of a problem with male doctors for most things, but when it comes to anything intimate or related specifically to the female reproduction, I want a female doctor. And if I can't choose a female doctor for an examination, I demand to have a female nurse with me.

[–] voltairine 1 points Edited

i know, at the time i thought it was cool because i liked being "sex positive" and they were "just magazines" but now i'm older i realise how disgusting it is.

i absolutely agree. my current main doctor is a male because it's easier for me due to distance and i live in a country with free healthcare but only some providers provide it, and this doctor isn't well liked in my community because of his brusque/blunt manner (i think it's cultural) but i can literally call up in the morning and see him an hour later/that afternoon for free, so it's a thing of convenience for me. i'm still on the lookout for a good female main GP though and i'll switch when i find her. in the past though i've had terrible experiences when i "suffered" from internalised misogyny and thought male psychologists were better. wasted a lot of time messing around before i got a good woman psychologist who didn't just talk about themselves like the men did nonstop.

This always annoys me too. I would never want a male doctor performing an intimate check up on me, when I mentioned this to a (male) friend he was like “but what if the doctor was gay?” He then asked “what if the female doctor was a lesbian” 🙄

I don’t give a monkeys about the sexual orientation of a man, he is still a man. A doctors sexual orientation is totally irrelevant - how would i know anyway? I would 100% of the time prefer medical advice/treatment/examination from someone who also has a female body.

In a female changing room/restroom the only thing of relevance is the sex of those using it.

Sex is the very foundation of a human being. Female or male, from conception. The building blocks on top of that (sexual orientation, race, nationality, economic background, age, employment status, personality, personal style etc etc) don’t add to or take away from that biology.

I know plenty of gay people and gay men have 100% been more sexually inappropriate with me than a lesbian ever thought of being.

I once had a gay man say to me “I’d like to lick hot butter off those” (my breasts). When I got mad, he said I’m gay and I was only joking. I was so annoyed. I have changed in front of my lesbian friends many times and not felt uncomfortable but I would never change in front of a gay man. It doesn’t matter what their sexual orientation is, I don’t wanna be vulnerable and/or naked or almost naked around men.

This. All of this ☝️even if I 100% knew the sexual orientation of a doctor, I would still choose the lesbian doctor over any male doctor. For so many reasons.

My colleague and I also talked about doctors, and I mentioned not wanting intimate checks from male doctors. He again had no understanding as he was fine with intimate checks from female doctors... Well, good for him. But female doctors just don't pose the same threat. Goodness, some men just lack the ability to put themselves in other women's shoes (not literally, though).

Completely the same for me - any female doctor over any male doctor any day.

Men literally cannot comprehend living in a world where 50% pose a physical threat. They have no idea what it is like to be prey.

Men only conceive of us being wary of unwanted sexual advances, because they are incapable of thinking about anything else. When in reality women understand that men are predators. We are vulnerable to predatory male sexuality but there is so much more to misogyny than that. It has been scientifically studied that women (and men) are much safer in the hands of female physicians.

You should have asked him how he thinks being gay makes that man any more qualified than any other man at fitting a woman with a bra.

Yeah, would have been a good one. Sadly, I'm not very good at being in discussions since I had a bad case of stress. My brain seems to take it as a dangerous situation and it makes it hard to think of good replies. So I focused on holding my ground and try not to get too frustrated with his lack of understanding.

[–] Carrots90 30 points Edited

We have been saying that letting some men into women’s spaces will let all men into women’s spaces and they will cease to be women’s spaces

“This never happens”

And yet it just did. He simply didn’t know the magic word

I kinda give him credit for not using the get out of jail free card. Just wear your masculine domination proudly!

I think he did try. Not sure. I think he is just ignorant to the proper username/ password combo

For many people ’gay’ and ‘trans’ are the same.

It’s why some people think we are prudish for not wanting TIMs in the restroom

Gay men shouldn’t be in the women’s restroom, while gay women belong there

But still there is the idea that gay men are less of a threat than straight men.

But does this mean that impotent or disabled men belong in the women’s room

This is what the fucking liberal gender woo assholes want

This girl is lucky he didn't say he was trans or she'd have to go into hiding due to death and rape threats from online fucking transactivists

[–] Inez 11 points

It's bad that this happened to her, and that she was traumatised, but we need this type of thing to keep happening, preferably with a more switched on pervert (who knows it's trans not gay that gives him the free pass) because the VAST majority of the Australian population have no idea what legislation has been snuck in without debate, or with obfuscatory language. There has been no/biased/incomplete reporting of legislation which affects all women. Our national taxpayer funded media is captured by ACON (our Stonewall). When I mention legislation that permits self id, men in women's prisons, access to women's rape shelters, domestic violence services, bathrooms, scholarships, board positions and on and on...people often don't believe me. They say "oh that couldn't happen here". It already has - they just weren't aware. People are making fun of the AGP sex-costume Canadian teacher, but Australia is Mini-Canada, Australians just don't realise it yet. If anything should convince people that trans and Lesbian/Gay are different, it is that we had a hugely expensive national referendum to permit gay marriage, but all the trans legislation has been hurried through with #no debate.

Same in Switzerland . We voted on gay marriage and a couple months later self ID went through with no vote

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 1 points Edited

Is there any sort of greater awareness of the threats to Women's rights from transgenderism in Switzerland than in other countries?

This is what I would guess, mostly based on the fact that a large % of Women in Switzerland are old enough to remember the days before Women could vote.

[–] GenderHeretic Assigned2LegsAB 2 points Edited

The abuse really needs to happen to men to light a fire under both men and male-identified women, who collectively vastly outnumber everyone else. When they hear about TRA legislation enabling the male abuse of women, and if they cannot deny it really happened, they just shrug it off with an "Oh, how terrible. Anyway..." And that's when they don't make fun of the victims with, "i thought this is what teh femmnests wanted," "left eets itself," etc.

Even mere inconveniences and obnoxiousness that men are forced to put up with thanks to TRA legislation will motivate men and male-identified women more than the abuse of women will. For so many, this was the turning point before they became interested in the welfare of women and started advocating against TRA legislation to protect women, which not coincidentally had the benefit of bolstering their credibility.

The only exception to this sexism is when parents are faced with the prospect of this abuse happening to their young daughters. They have to presently have young daughters, though, for the interest in protecting one's own to kick in.

Oh hell no. Thank god that there is still proper sauna etiquette and same sex common times here.