Reminder that according to the radical left it's perfectly okay to be involved with a man who wrote about a preteen girl getting gang banged by her male friends in a sewer as a plot device but not a woman who said men aren't women.

The fact I know who exactly you’re describing lol Stephen Kings IT was the first book of his I read and it was the last. I was about 14 at the time as well which really just made it seem all the more wrong tbh. Like who likes this creepy old mans writing ?

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How is that even ok? Shouldn’t writing about explicit child pornography be…illegal? looked down upon? wtf was he thinking

Libraries by definition should be bastions of free speech, why shouldn't a library follow authors it seems like the perfectly logical thing to do, they should follow many many authors.

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Libraries by definition should be bastions of free speech

Libraries for adults, yes. School libraries, accused of 'banning books', should have some responsibility to curate the content, and protect kids from unsuitable content (and perhaps also from political propaganda disguised as educational content...)

thanks for making the distinction. i hear so much outcry that "our side" is banning books but i haven't heard of a single campaign to make a book illegal, have it pulled from bookstores or have it pulled from county/city libraries. school curriculum is already curated.

"Banned book" week is always a good time to bash on moderates and conservatives.

Never mind that 90% plus books are considered objectionable due to them being available or forced on kids at questionable ages, not because of the book itself.

The only person I know who wants to ban books is Chase over at the ACLU. :)

I wonder when these activists will realize that following someone just means you're interested in what they post, not that you have to agree with everything they say.