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So this asshat wants to be able to play women on tv and is “really good at it” but wants to identify out of womanhood in real life? Give me a fucking break.

[Link Title](https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/features/emma-darcy-house-of-the-dragon-interview-b2173714.html?amp) So this asshat wants to be able to play women on tv and is “really good at it” but wants to identify out of womanhood in real life? Give me a fucking break.


I found it incredibly offensive given that in the episode that aired last night her FEMALE character had to deal with the pain of childbirth due to her FEMALE body. It felt very intrusive of the female experience to see this NB actor playing the character knowing that she felt she had some how evolved beyond her own anatomy. She was belittled, humiliated, trapped, and in pain because she is a WOMAN and to have someone playing her who doesn’t even seem to know what the fucking word means is actually disgusting.

I had that same thought. Like you are able to play this role because like this character your body is organized around the production of large gamates which makes you a woman!

Best reply I saw on a Twitter thread:

"Yeah and Peter Dinklage is really good at playing little people."

(With no disrespect to Dinklage, who is a great actor and didn't choose his condition, unlike D'Arcy's factitious condition.)

Also, "Emma D'Arcy" is the pen name of the one of the most successful Harlequin authors of all time - two male academics who decided to calculate the "equation" for best selling romances, then used it to generate a string of bestsellers. Does anyone know if that's her actual name? Because if it's an homage, either to Austen (as in the Harlequin writers) or to these latter writers, that adds an interesting wrinkle.

Her real name seems to be Emma Zia D'Arcy. Wikipedia would have probably mentioned her birth name if that was a stage name.

Oh cool, thanks.

“Zia” is pretty neat, and way more memorable than either Emma or D’Arcy, I’d be tempted to use that if I were here. But clearly she and I are very different people, ha.

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“It’s complicated! In terms of queerness, the only good reason for being out as a non-binary person, publicly and professionally, is that I hope it will let younger people who may feel similar know that there is room in this industry for them. Because there was definitely a point where I thought, ‘Oh no, this is not going to work. I definitely need to have long hair and make-up to do this job.’ And that’s just not true.”

Here she is literally equating being a woman with "long hair and make-up"

Also, there are things called wigs, and makeup artists! Does she expect she'll be cast in male roles?

Oh god her and all the other female NBs are sooo pretentious when they do that regressively sexist and condescending “I’m not a woman because I’m so much MORE than that!!” spiel

Off topic but the only thing I know about her is that the men are rabidly upset she isn’t “hot” enough and that they prefer the child looking version. I know the actress Milly is 22 irl but wow she genuinely looks like a child and the sex scenes made me feel so uncomfortable. And of course, I came across plenty of male comments who liked the fact she looks like a little girl esp compared to the men who look significantly much older. Men are disgusting.

Milly looks much younger because of how she is styled. The long hair, the makeup to soften all her features, and being so much shorter than everyone else, especially Matt Smith, make her look much younger that the actress playing Alicent.

She should only get to portray non-binary characters. If heterosexual actors can only play heterosexual characters, it’s only fair.

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the younger actress who plays Alicent used the gender identity 'queer' on House of the Dragon interviews. "I'm queer"... her sexual orientation is unknown. she's 19

Emily Carey uses she/they prounouns on her instagram bio

younger Alicent also used the word 'queer customs' referring to the Targaryen family's incest


the word 'gender' has come up in the show as to which heir is rightful to the throne

the word 'sex' has come up in the show referring to the 'sex of the babe' (baby)

If she's using "queer" in the traditional sense - ie "very unusual and not in a good or comfortable way" - then she's not wrong, but .... that's not how she's using it, is it?

'you Targaryens have queer customs' line was in the script.

she's just using 'i'm queer' on the press

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Okay, this might not warrant a rant. But it's getting one from me, lol. Because the world of ASOIF is filled with ambitious female characters who we are shown, in no uncertain terms, are wrong to desire more for themselves. Usually by these women suffering violent deaths.

Dany's ambition drove her insane to the point that she eventually became a mass murderer and was stabbed to death by the pure Jon Snow, who never actually sought power, but instead had it foisted upon him against his will.

Cersei starts out as a woman who should be grateful because she's living the best life a woman in this environment can reasonably expect. She's the Queen. She's beautiful and wealthy. Her son is the next king. And yet, instead of being grateful for what she's been given by her male overlords, she's bitter and angry about her own lack of power. This is naturally seen as villainous from the start. Alicent Hightower is (spoilers) pretty much the same as Cersei, except that she isn't sure her son will ever get to inherit the throne and a lot of her reasons for her anger at Rhaenyra are personal, rather than political. Margaery Tyrell says she has no interest in being "A Queen" because she wants to be "THE Queen" and is blown up.

But nobody. And I mean NOBODY, gets their "comeuppance" for thinking she deserves more than Rhaenyra does. You can practically hear GRRM jacking off when he wrote her story. So, it would be really nice if instead of a non-binary elf witch, the role could at least be played by a woman who is proud to be a woman. The female actors from GOT did their best to save their characters from terrible writing and story elements. It didn't always work, but they tried.

Unlike the men complaining about the casting, I'm not upset that D'Arcy isn't "hot" enough or didn't gain weight as an adult and get big breasts. But is it really too much to ask that a character written by a sexist be given a fucking chance rather than be played by someone who has internalized misogyny so deep that she won't even deign to call herself a woman?

You can practically hear GRRM jacking off when he wrote her story.

I think the trouble is GRRM mixes his genres, or as he puts it, "tropes."

His stories are much more science fiction, where authors use future, unknown worlds to demonstrate our current, actual dystopian traits without being called a bore. But instead, he sneaks in through the fantasy door by using familiarish, past world settings.

What happened with Dany is much closer to real world office politics than most people would ever admit. You get these workplaces where all the dudes are freaked out to have a female leader, become uncooperative. If upper management won't allow her to fire them, eventually all hell breaks loose and she'll be the one to get cut.

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