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For Wexton, whose niece is transgender, the issue is personal, and she had previously publicly called the policy “a vile and disgusting attack on vulnerable trans kids” of which Youngkin “should be ashamed.”

So her nephew is trans, and she thinks he's "one of the good ones" thus all girls should open their spaces to boys with mental problems so deep they are delusional and self mutilate due to this delusion.

And when those boys (in particular, the AGP ones, who are often hyper masculine other than their dress, and typically subscribe to hyper misogynistic views) harass and stallk little girls, those boys are still "women" and it's "wrong" to scrutinize their sexual misconduct as a product of male-pattern behavior.

It's literally "boys will be boys" wrapped up on a tutu and sprinkled with a side of "possible conflict of interest". I hate, hate, HATE seeing women sacrifice the safety of other women just to appear good and kind in the eyes of the sickest, most vile of men.


Spanberger responded forcefully, telling Good, “That’s not f---ing true.”

Lol you know they're fucking grooming kids. Stop lying. I can't go anywhere on the internet without seeing trans people trying to groom young girls into a trans identity. They have even tried to groom me, they just underestimated how much of an angry lesbian I am. Stop fucking lying.

This is a TRA argument I run into constantly.

“This trans person I know isn’t like what you describe so I don’t think it’s a problem and most of them are probably like this person I know”