There's a video on youtube of a Graham Norton clip from 2006 or 2008 , Robin Williams as guest, where a (completely non-passing) TiM in the audience asks a question and the two of them laugh their asses off at the TiM and his female name (Olga? if I remember correctly). Joking about how what's under the TiM's skirt isn't a surprise, etc. The joke being how it's obviously a man with a dick pretending to be a woman.

That he's now acting like he's always "respected" trans-identifying males and would never agree with JKR is a complete joke, but I guess he knows whose asses to kiss to keep his job these days.

all the radio interviews of JK with Graham are on YouTube as well. he is a fan of her series and has a great banter with Jo.

this news article is just a safety net in case the TRAs come after him

I had to look it up. Here’s the clip!

It should start at Olga. (Good memory!)

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Oh my god! I love that Olga just doesn't give a shit and is laughing with everyone.

And like 30 seconds later GN refers to UA as "the Ukraine" and Robin jokes about Putin's influence.

My god how times have changed, and so quickly.

And the thing is, I doubt a woman would ever be so publicly nasty to another person, especially unprovoked. And on film. Men are the biggest hypocrites.

He can fuck off. I thought him better than that.

“ ‘Also, I got an insight into her when she talked about enjoying the pub brawl aspect of Twitter. I thought, ‘Oh, now I get it — you enjoy this.’ “

Yeah, I’m sure she very much enjoys the thousand rape and murder threats. Maybe we can forward all of them to Norton so he can see what she enjoys from her “problematic” views that the journalistic compares to anti-Semitism? I hope those of you with Twitter accounts illuminate him to what she’s endured, anyway. Tosser.

That's also the part of the article that pissed me off the most. For exactly the reason you gave, but I would also add that it shows complete disrespect for the actual reason she's doing this: to stand up for women. She has spoken out about that before but apparently it wasn't enough for him to 'get it'.

“ ‘Also, I got an insight into her when she talked about enjoying the pub brawl aspect of Twitter. I thought, ‘Oh, now I get it — you enjoy this.’

Yeah. Because she has a long history of being contrary, just to be contrary


well he's just gone down in my books, as a gay man he should know better if he was born a couple of years ago with his flamboyant mannerism his parents or school would have transed him.

Gay men who give a shit about women’s rights are few and far between. There’s Mr. Menno and… that’s all I can think of.

Graham Norton will never be expected to stop being a “penis fetishist” and “give man-vagina a go.” He’s safe in the knowledge that as a man, he can do whatever he pleases without TRA harassment.

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Reads to me like Norton is a canny fellow who's just playing both sides of the coin to maximize his ratings.

He seems to have read the room enough to know that, like other male entertainers (Chappelle, Gervais), he just needs to give a bit of lip service to the woe-is-me framing of the "trans community" and then go on unapologetically with the rest of life. Being male and all, that's enough for TRAs to stand down.
Whether Norton has greater than zero awareness of the endless and dangerous shitstorm that would befall a similarly top-rated Female host saying exactly the same words, I can't say.

I don't believe for a minute that Norton is a true believer. Not that I rlly know all that much about him or anything (shhiiitt I barely even know TV personalities in my own country), but, offering JKR a platform on what's apparently the highest rated daytime talk show in Britain would make the TRA cancel-culture hivemind apoplectic, and would turn Norton into an instant apostate if he were actually one of their number.

I have zero doubt that JKR will represent herself and Women fantastically well, eloquently and with passionate (yet still polite) conviction—whether Norton makes a show of reluctance or not.

I really think like 95% of men should never say anything again because every time they open their traps this kind of dumb shit comes out

seriously why do most men have such trouble grasping basic things that lots of women seem to understand so easily? I feel like these men are having an entirely different conversation from us and I can only assume it's because they don't understand what the fuck we're talking about because their responses make no sense

In situations like this, I think men know that they just have to say the surface talking points, because other men will nod along and let him know how wise he is. A lot of the online feted male thought leaders aren't bright at all, they're just good at saying empty phrases. That means they don't get stirred towards deeper thought, because when asked to think more critically, they get annoyed and say things like "I already told you trans women are women!" Because 99% of the time, that's as far as they're asked to go. I've seen it a lot in real life with male coworkers, or boyfriends - if you ask for a nuanced thought from them, they think you're nagging and making a big deal, because they're used to only having to do surface thinking.

I think they make a big deal out of it because they're used to getting respect pretty much no matter what, and they've always gotten to decide and define us and the world at large, and they resent having to ever listen to women and they think women are less intelligent and irrational and our opinions have no value and we need to just listen to them because they're men and they're the Smart Ones

He's been pro-TIMs for years -> https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/14543/graham-norton-says-trans-people-need-to-be-protected-rather-than-feared

TRAs should definitely cancel him now. He is showing that he is not a very good ally, by letting a transphobe on his show! /s

So brave to say a group of humans should be protected, not feared.

Yeah. We know that

But that is different from saying men should be allowed in Women’s spaces if they say they, too, are women

I'm sick of being told women need to protect men. Why? They like to say how they built all of civilisation and they're much stronger than women, they can fuck off and protect themselves.

If he won't have sex with a trans woman then he should shut up. Put your money where your mouth is, male.

The idea that Norton’s talk shows are anything other than cocktail party chatter is ridiculous. Every time Jamie Dornan is on flogging a movie he’s in, he talks about his crotch at some point. And Matthew McConnaghey goes on some odd conversational turn which is insanely uncomfortable.

But most of the time it’s light and fueled by everyone on a panel having a drink or three. Like he won’t just talk about her book & prompt her to tell a funny or cute real-life story and move along.

I never really liked Norton, he always seemed pretty false to me. Now he just seems like a garden variety misogynist too stupid to realise that by supporting gender ideology he is denying his own homosexuality.

If he doesn't want to talk about trans stuff on his show, that's his decision. I'm just glad he still had her on to talk about her new book.

Hey Graham! How many TIF's have you dated?

Anyway, glad she was on the show, I guess.

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