So this teacher gets fired. But Mr Ballon Tits is still in charge of minor students who don't want him there. We are truly living in the upside down

So teachers now get fired for being responsible people and not wanting to do things to students against their parents' wishes ...

But teachers who wear their fetish objects in front of students get applauded?

If we get a big flood now, I won't be sure whether it's climate change or some deity got fed up with this shit. This is some Sodom and Gomorrah shit right there.

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I wonder what they'll say when the student eventually grows out of this phase. I've heard of several cases where teenage girls decided that they're now boys, but then reversed this "identity" within just a few months.

How did we get to this point? Teachers being fired because they refuse to be complicit in a teenager's delusion.

And he wanted to be responsible and make sure the parents were aware what their daughter is going through, also.

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If she does grow up into an adult rather than the sort of narcissist scum who make up so much of this cult.

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Wonder how many little charmers will use this way of getting rid of teachers they dislike?

pupil’s gender change

To be consistent with make-believe you may as well teach the kids that 2+2=5.

If a child says that 2+2=5, but the teacher says they're wrong, then the teacher is a bigot. It goes against the child's self expression of their inner mathematics identity.

This has happened before, and the teacher sued and won. I hope this is another. It’s time that schools learned that Woke can be very costly.