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This paragraph of that article is INCREDIBLE. So devastating:

"However, women are also treated instrumentally among progressives, the Left, and the LGBTQ+ movement. They are supposed to support all marginalized groups in their struggle and surround them with care and empathy. In a nutshell, they are supposed to be their “moms.” Beyond individually supporting those in need, the entire feminist movement is expected to focus on the emancipation of various marginalized groups, not just women. In the Polish context, there is a particular focus on the LGBTQ+ community and transgender women, as they are perceived as the most vulnerable."

That's just devastating. Especially when you notice the inescapable fact that nobody pressures racial or sexual minorities to focus on the emancipation of women. It only goes one way.

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That is fucking BASED lmao

How true is that? Women's rights has been hijacked to force women to do the emotional labor/campaigning on the behalf of people who think it's too hard. I saw it said in a way that hit home: we're basically being asked to grab a beer for them "while we're up". While You're Up - the movement!

Weaponized Oedipalism. The whole "movement" is a male-directed fustercluck. Just like everything else.

Basically the "rallying cry" is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfdPQVSact8

You would think in Poland, with its draconian abortion law, that women could be centered in feminism. But no . . .

Article points out this is a push to “modernize” the country being brought about by western Eurocrats, the US, and deep-pocketed NGOs with their ESG/DEI gospels. Women don’t matter, as usual. Q_eer theory is big business.

Feminism without having to include all those dreadful, shrill bleeders!

It is honestly a disgrace that feminism is now a movement that sidelines women and is about administering pats to men who wear dresses and slaps to women with the radical idea that maybe women’s liberation should focus on women.

I thought the world had reached peak bonkers in 2016. Every year proves me more wrong.

In retrospect, 2016 looks to have been the explosive beginning of the downhill slide into bonkers. There'll be volumes of studies about that year just like 1492, 1619, and 1968.

Chilling piece about how women in post-Cold War Poland have gone from “out of the fire and into the frying pan”: from the repression of reactionary Catholicism after the communist regime collapsed, to the bizarre universe of repression by the “woke” cathedral at the behest of detatched, decadent, and equally misogynistic western elites.

I fear this will be the case for the women in Iran too. Want to be free from forced hijab? Cut off your hair and your breasts! 😖