Of course, no one here is truly capable of surprise anymore over captured institutions, but LLL? Being based in the most elemental biological process there is, that of reproduction and the feeding of offspring, I would have put them last on the list of organizations susceptible to the gender woo.

They were ALL about the sanctity of the mother-baby dyad, so much so that the local chapter made me feel quite uncomfortable and judged when I reached out for help to keep breastfeeding while I went back to work. The message was that mom and baby were an indivisible unit that must be protected above all, and certainly above filthy lucre. Well, either the lucre found them or, even more inconceivably, they sold out their foundational principles for woke points. Utterly disappointing and sad. My heart aches for the leaders who have lost their home.

The recent post in Lucy Leader was written by a Leader who spoke out on a private LLL page, questioning the new LLLI language policies where “mother” is being replaced by “parent” and “family” and “chestfeeding is routinely included. Some Leaders on the website who are passionate in their advocacy of transgenderism filed a formal complaint with LLLI, accusing her of transphobic bigotry. Although she was eventually found “not guilty,” she was told that she needed “re-education” to be allowed to remain a Leader. She was unwilling to acquiesce to the new policy requiring Leaders to “serve everyone,” including biological males, so she was disaccredited.