She also said she did not understand why lesbians would need to publicly state that they are only interested in females

Because penis-havers keep badgering them for sex.

It's so disingenuous, just like the males of r/actuallesbians whining about "cis" lesbians "constantly" going on about how much they hate dick. Lesbians would rarely have cause to mention or think about dick, let alone how much they don't want it, if men weren't constantly trying to force it on them.

We still never talk about dick. TIMs go into those subs spamming about their "girl dicks" and asking incessantly whether or not we'd be interested in them. Most women are smart enough to bite their tongues, but one person will politely say no, and then all hell breaks loose. Cue 500 posts about how they're the victims of transphobia, and how "terfs", aka lesbians, are in at lesbian space and the mods need to do a better job of banning homosexuals.

I gather that at this point, most actual "actual lesbians" have fled that sub.

Yeah, even when I was on there over a year ago it was like 50% TIMs, 45% "queer" handmaids, and 5% young lesbians just coming to terms with their sexuality who had no irl communities. I stuck it out as long as I could for that 5%, I wanted at least someone to be there to answer their questions honestly. It became too much dealing with all the homophobia there though, I had to bow out. Most lesbians get banned for being lesbians at some point on that sub. I was banned on lgbt and latebloomerlesbians before just quitting reddit for good.

Because penis-havers keep badgering them for sex.

Also because they shouldn't have to be ashamed of their innate sexuality. Cry more, "progressive" homophobes.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 41 points

It all boils down to lesbians not being allowed to say no to TIMs. Always, every single time.

Trans rights advocates have claimed that lesbians ought to be "same-gender" attracted

Okay.. you thinking that I "ought" to be attracted to you doesn't change the fact that I'm not attracted to you though. Something like 99% of the female population is attracted to men, and that's not good enough for them. They've decided that the existence of even a single woman who's not interested in fucking them is a human rights violation. What about our right to bodily autonomy? Oh right, we're not people, we're just validation props.

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This is even worse than Mr. I'm Not an Expert.

This person's entire defense is to pretend she doesn't know what biological sex is. And pretend she's too dumb to find out.

What a desperate and unlikable person.

Given her credentials in the medical system it’s just shocking that she was playing dumb as to be confused between sex and gender.

I am glad Amy didn't back down and sign a confession of guilt, which is what the British Columbia College of Nursing and Midwives wanted her to do. This witch trial is really showing up the Be Kind Brigade for what they really are.

[–] xy_equals_guy 13 points Edited

She also said she did not understand why lesbians would need to publicly state that they are only interested in females

Because that’s what lesbians are?

Big “I’m not homophobic, but why do they have to keep going on about it” energy. That old idea that homosexuals are acceptable, as long as they never speak about, it or in any way publicly behave in a manner that identifies them as such.

Seems like this "expert" could have minded her own business instead of showing her whole ass.

Is there a link to the transcripts in this hearing?

Interesting the "Not an expert" is being asked the same questions as in the UK court cases.

I can’t trust that article. The author is an associate of Hamm’s and a spokesperson for Cawsbar, she’s not a trained journalist and that isn’t even her real name.

I wish a credible journalist and a credible publication—or at least a woman willing to use her real name—would cover this story.