I'm always grateful whenever trans people are willing to speak out critically on this topic. They get taken more seriously than we do.

Not always, apparently. “Trans Against Groomers” is banned from Twitter; Eric(a) Anderson has been branded a traitor, and Esqueer had a spat with Corinna Cohn of the Heterodorx podcast and hurled a knee-jerk “shut up, you’re a Kiwi Farmer” with no evidence of actual membership on there.

It seems even dissident TIPs are considered heretical, like black or Hispanic conservatives (or gay ones), or even if they are not conservative but independent/undecided swing voters or just people who don’t agree in lockstep on all issues, but have their own a-la-carte views (a little from column A, column B, etc).

These “movement groups” love the rallying cry of “nothing about us, without us” and then clarify it with “…but without YOU.”

With TRAs it's more "nothing about us, or even not about us, without us"