Here's a funny reply from Handmaiden Strangio:

I had top surgery 13 years ago. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how it was the best thing I have ever done for my survival. I also had orthopedic knee surgery at 14 and often regret it. But no NYTs pieces about orthopedic regret I see

Yes. Because orthopedic surgery to treat a physical problem is exactly the same as chopping off a healthy girl's breasts to further the fantasy that she can magically become a non-woman somehow

A very strangio, nonsensical argument to make, considering she’s a lawyer.

Quite bonkers to compare the two interventions.

Do you feel sometimes that bad arguments are INFURIATING beyond measure? Even more than stupidity sometimes.

This woman is probably not stupid. More likely she thinks everyone else is.

This woman is probably not stupid. More likely she thinks everyone else is.

Probably a little of both. Just because she was smart enough to pass the bar doesn't mean she has a lick of common sense. I've met plenty of idiots who somehow managed to get prestigious degrees

I've met plenty of idiots who somehow managed to get prestigious degrees God isn't that the truth.

I think Strangio is a 'True Believer. Also Strangio's income and reputation hinge on saving the world from reality.

I've been involved with two lawyers and they were both bonkers.

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There’s such a thing as moral stupidity as promulgated by Dietriche Bonhoeffer, a German theologian imprisoned and executed by the Nazis. People could be technically smart but still exhibit vast stupidity. I’m thinking of the BCH doctor(!) who said some babies can have knowledge of their gender identity “almost straight from the womb” or something like that, which is horrifying. Newborns don’t even know that they they are boys or girls. They don’t know anything because they’re newborns, for crying out loud.

The amount of people who say they "knew they were transgender" since age 2 or 3 is ridiculous. Obviously have never been around toddlers before.

She's not engaging with what the researcher actually said. The researcher said there should be more long-term follow-up after top surgery. There already are and were long-term follow-ups of knee surgery, which would include the patients' subjective opinions of their satisfaction with the surgery. The results of which doctors will use for future medical decision-making and patient information. There doesn't need to be a NYT article about something that's already working correctly.

If everyone is as happy with the surgery as Strangio suggests, she should welcome studies that would get the evidence out there.

If there's a risk that knee surgeries in the aggregate aren't delivering the benefit that they're supposed to be delivering, that they may actually be maiming patients in significant numbers, and that patients aren't being adequately informed of the risks before they receive these surgeries, then the NYT SHOULD be covering that story.

Off-topic but did this TIF really choose to name herself "Kinnon MacKinnon?"

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I had the same reaction. She could choose any name. And THAT'S what she ran with!? 🤣

Why not Dude McManlyman?

I knew a kid in 1st grade who was named Patrick Fitzpatrick. Some people just aren't very creative it seems

I'm always grateful whenever trans people are willing to speak out critically on this topic. They get taken more seriously than we do.

Not always, apparently. “Trans Against Groomers” is banned from Twitter; Eric(a) Anderson has been branded a traitor, and Esqueer had a spat with Corinna Cohn of the Heterodorx podcast and hurled a knee-jerk “shut up, you’re a Kiwi Farmer” with no evidence of actual membership on there.

It seems even dissident TIPs are considered heretical, like black or Hispanic conservatives (or gay ones), or even if they are not conservative but independent/undecided swing voters or just people who don’t agree in lockstep on all issues, but have their own a-la-carte views (a little from column A, column B, etc).

These “movement groups” love the rallying cry of “nothing about us, without us” and then clarify it with “…but without YOU.”

With TRAs it's more "nothing about us, or even not about us, without us"

Good on her for being willing to speak up - even though she’s probably still underestimating the amount of regret out there, just being willing to say ‘we should do proper research and we’re not’ is sadly rare

  1. Kinnon MacKinnon ??? My my.

  2. That cognitive dissonance kicking in, eh? Yeah.

  3. How much time until she’s cancelled?

The NYT is getting a tiny bit bolder about covering some of the great harms on the GI industry, but the articles are usually weighted towards the "benefits" of "transition". However, at this point, it is good that at least they are raising questions for a very ignorant public to consider.

When she says she knows "many many many" girls who have benefited from top surgery, is she being disingenuous? As she states, regret can come years later, so how long will they feel good, and at what point will they realize that they have been cruelly misled and lied to by all the surrounding adults who encouraged surgery and drugs? Aside: with that name, can she be taken seriously? Is that for real?