So irresponsible of them. So literally any quack doc could decide to sterilize a toddler by his “clinical judgement” and nothing could be done to him? Fuck WPATH.

Evil, green lighting doctors who use medicalization of children to line their pockets, promote their agenda, and as self-aggrandizement.

Unfortunately, the full article is behind a paywall. Here is what is visible:

New clinical guidelines that will influence the care of transgender people in the US and internationally have removed recommendations on the minimum age for treatment, including hormones and surgery, and left decisions in the hands of clinicians.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) released its “Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version 8” (SOC8) on 15 September. The omission of minimum age recommendations for treatment was unexpected because they had been included in a draft version last spring.

The final SOC8 was expected to lower the minimum age for prescribing testosterone or oestrogen from 16 (in version 7) to 14 and to set minimum recommended ages of 15 for breast removal, 16 for breast augmentation and facial surgeries, 17 for hysterectomy, vaginoplasty, or removal of testicles, and 18 for phalloplasty.

The deletion of the age recommendations seemed to have happened at a late stage and after increased attention in social media on gender related surgery among adolescents.

The guidelines were due to be published on 6 September in the International Journal of Transgender Health, but WPATH’s executive board and SOC8 co-chairs sent notice that day to the association’s membership …

[–] Riothamus scrote 3 points Edited

They're flatly refusing to set standards for their "standards of care" just to limit liability. This disclaimer of responsibility insulates WPATH from an avalanche of "We followed your exact recommendations and ruined our lives in the process" claims in the next decade.

It's going to be much harder for these kids to pursue successful class-action lawsuits. Nonstandard treatment regimens with various starting ages and dosages will undermine the plaintiffs' cohesion as a class and either disqualify the suits or split them into smaller actions- perhaps down to a per-doctor or per-treatment basis.

This falls just short of admitting that trans medicine is purely experimental and there is no actual guidance to give.

[–] Tiramisuomi 3 points Edited

They know what they're doing. Leaving it "up to the clinician" is a fantastic way to make sure they get exactly what they want. Doctors who refuse might as well start being driven back and forth from anonymized locations hidden under sheets or disguised as luggage, the way doctors who perform abortions do in some parts of America.

Also provides fantastic ass-covering for those who should know better.