I don't know how to create an archived page. Maybe someone can help?

What's happening over on the GenX sub is glorious.

I don't know how to create an archived page. Maybe someone can help? [What's happening over on the GenX sub is glorious.](https://www.reddit.com/r/GenX/comments/xp1ptf/cool_to_think_there_were_transgender_athletes/)


There was a really interesting comment in that thread:

The slogan "A transgender woman is a woman" is phrased so, so poorly it doesn't even try to evangelize. I'm very partial to "A transgender woman should be called a woman." As in, a kind of politeness that says if a person is trying to "pass", then kindly treat them like they "pass" in the social arena.

But, if "A transgender woman is a woman" is supposed to mean, "A transgender woman is ontologically and biologically the same thing as a woman.", then it carries a whiff of flat-earthism or creationism. It's a kind of faith in sexual transubstantiation, where through surgery and hormones a male can claim the body and blood of a female

It seems like "A transgender woman should be called a woman" actually is what 99.9% of the people who say "trans women are women" mean.

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And that’s still a dreadful idea, because they shouldn’t. Being Kind™️ got us into this mess.

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She entered a couple tournaments after she got outed and nearly all participants quit the tournament, rather than play against her.


I wish more teenagers got told to sit down and shut up like this, lol

You act like none of us knew who Richards was at the time. Trust me, everyone knew who Richards was and everyone thought Richards was a freak. Transsexuals were not understood, nor were they at ALL respected. They were considered freaks and treated thusly. Only the kindest people were willing to grant that they were mentally ill. Everyone else just thought they were degenerates. That may or may not have changed, depending on who you ask, but that’s definitely the way it was in the 70s.

It should’ve stayed this way

If only there was a Reddit site for women where women were allowed to disagree

I mean, as far as gen xers go, it kind of makes sense..we grew up having to think for ourselves and form our own opinions bc most of us had no parents around to guide us through life..and the rest of the outside world kind of regarded us as social rejects anyways, so we never felt the need to win any popularity contests or anyone's approval..it's really unsurprising that both J.K Rowling and Dave Chapelle are gen xers when you think about it..

Gen X also had a strong anti-corporate/establishment streak, especially in the '90s. Millennials and Zoomers seem to love corporations and the establishment as long as they parrot the right thought-terminating cliches. Pretty embarrassing.

I don't understand bow they don't see it..when Goldman-Sachs is sponsoring your pride parade..lol.

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I started boycotting companies at 12.

I started when I was 14. I don't boycott now so much as I make do and mend, seek out used products, and shop store brands and sales when I absolutely have to buy new. It's hard enough to avoid corporate products that I've instead settled on being a shitty consumer.

That OP doesn't write like any GenXer I've ever communicated with but they do sound an awful lot like some teenagers that I know.

Yeah, it's totally a troll. That's why I don't participate in that sub anymore.. its become a cesspool of younger millennial men pretending to be gen x to stir up shit and make us look bad. They are fixated on constantly tearing us down for some reason..

for some reason

I mean, the reason's pretty obvious. Gen X is probably the generation that's the most resistant to trans identity.

They try to use that to act like we are some big Trump supporter facists..it's like all they have is their silly identity politics for social clout.

That's definitely been my experience, except for a few I know going through some sort of midlife crisis..they look so try hard..lol. Or the ones with a 'non-binary' kid like my obnoxiously woke brother and sis-in-law. Good. God. They are cringe.

we need to figure out how we can respect choices and be fair at the same time

If someone chooses to abuse kids, why do I have to respect that? If someone chooses to go on a murder spree, is that worthy of respect? What if a person chooses to spend a billion dollar fortune on a one way trip to Mars? Am I not allowed find that a pursuit not worthy of respect?

I am really tired of this "we must respect other views and choices" crap. No, we mustn't.

I don't know how we got there. My understanding is that we must treat people with dignity and respect, but ideas, values and opinions should always be open to disagreement and even scrutiny.

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Moral relativism is an ideology that benefits people in power. In this consumer age moral relativism also means no one has to think too much about the choices they make which harm others. So it’s very popular. Judging someone is worse than harming someone. Hypocrisy is worse than having no moral standards to fail to live up to.

As much as I loathe the "I am old enough to remember blah blah" ...

I am old enough to remember when Renee Richards came on the scene. Even though this was the peak of the Second Wave, I had long yet to peak on the trans nonsense. When the women quit the tournament en masse I was all "How regressive they are!"

Oh, how I wish female athletes were doing the same today.

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