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God that sub is trash now. “Y’all saying trans women aren’t women because they can’t reproduce” literally none of us have ever said that but go off I guess.

Also most trans women can reproduce just fine if they wanted to impregnate an actual woman.

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Right? They aren’t women because they’re male. And btw, males also have a part in reproduction; it’s like that in almost all animal species. 🤦‍♀️

The irony of these poseurs and men calling women “TERFs” and saying they are the ones fighting against patriarchy... ughhhhhhh.

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Trash takes brought to you by the same people who believe radical feminism stems from transphobia, instead of transgenderism being antithetical to feminism that predates it because it stems from misogyny.

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“Y’all saying trans women aren’t women because they can’t reproduce”

Nah, we're saying that because they CAN (or at least, hypothetically could at some point) reproduce with their sperm. Because they're male.

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Lol. They still didn't define woman. "anyone who identifies as one" okay, but what makes them identify that way and what is the thing they're identifying as? I could say I ID as a britple and that wouldn't tell you what that is.. 😂

Lol someone in the comments asks this exact question, needless to say it’s downvoted and derailed and “begone, terf!”ed since nobody can answer 😂

The moment they're proven wrong, the moment they're backed into a corner with zero logical or intellectual arguments in sight, it turns into "burn the witch" and "why can't you just be nice".

A woman is an adult human who identifies as a woman. Whatever that means to the individual, and whether you agree with their reasoning, doesn't matter because it's a label one chooses for oneself.

They make me crazy. It’s not a fucking label! It’s biology!

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A teenager is a human who identifies as being between the ages of 13 and 19. Whatever that means to the individual, and whether you agree with their reasoning, doesn't matter because it's a label one chooses for oneself.

Transage is right around the corner.

I wonder if that will peak any TRAs? I once argued with a TRA who insisted that for some reason, age was NOT something you could identify into (I used this as an example intentionally because it doesn't have the racial distraction stuff of transracial)... but that gender (and sex - he thought transwomen were female) could totally be identified into. He was saying that it was because sex was a spectrum and I'm like... well, AGE is actually a spectrum, and at certain extremely high speeds you could say it's quite relative, really. But he was insistent that no amount of plastic surgery, light-speed travel, etc, could change your age and that no one could legitimately identify as another age than the one they are. It was really quite hilarious, how he'd created a loophole in his brain for transness of only one thing - sex.

It’s already here. Look at Wolscht et al, the crossdressing paedophiles who pretend to be the age of the children they rape.

I would love to see what the deleted comments underneath that gem of a statement were 😂

When I hear people go on and on about how TWAW it always looks to me like they are trying to convince themselves of that. If you really thought TWAW you wouldn't need to say it every 3 seconds.

They also wouldn't need to specify! If TWAW they don't need to go "but what about twanswomen/include transwomen" all the time. If ANYONE thought they were women people wouldn't get so angry at that word all the time.

that's what I keep saying. if they're so womanly that they know deep down that they. are. woman. then why in female ONLINE SPACES, do they need to IDENTIFY THEMSELVES, out THEMSELVES as trans, and then ask if it's okay?

they don't want to blend. they want us to fall at their feet and tell them how beautiful and brave they are for shedding their much easier life of a male to become one of us lowly women. they want us to offer our services as sleepover pals and makeup gurus and give them handmedowns, all for free.

I mean WTF, if they're women then they don't need to cry about women talking about women. They would consider themselves included in that. Even when you get down to something they can't do, like have a period, so what? You don't see menopausal women crying "what about me, quit excluding me" in EVERY CONVERSATION ABOUT PERIODS.

TIMs know damn well they're not women. EVERYBODY knows damn well they're not women. I am SO SICK of this constant abuse and gaslighting.

You don't see menopausal women crying "what about me, quit excluding me" in EVERY CONVERSATION ABOUT PERIODS.

I feel like the even better comparison is women with primary amenorrhea [sp?], they have never gotten a period and some might never get one ever due to medical reasons, but they never complain about feeling 'excluded' by language that refers to periods as a female experience. They constitute a small portion of women, which, if transwomen actually were women like TRAs say they are, they would also constitute a small portion of women (so it seems fair to compare their responses). And yet, every time a woman makes a tweet about periods or something, a transwoman shows up to harangue her about it, while actual women who have never menstruated don't claim they feel 'excluded' or something like that.

exactly! and they wouldn't feel the need to shout down doctors, health professionals and politicians any time anyone refers to women's health issues if TWAW -- because daring to speak the word, "women" wouldn't exclude them -IF- TWAW!

I really don't care what they call themselves -- but they never had the right to dictate what my doctor called me or what health professionals say or how we talk about womanhood in general... there are some significant women's health issues that are very keenly associated with women's bodies and many other civil liberty and safety issues that concern women - and I hate how TRA's have made it nearly taboo to refer to anyone as a "woman" other than TW -- it's ridiculous... why do they think they need to deprive women of human rights in order to assert their own rights? -- that's truly the bit that peaked me for all this stuff...

Exactly. You don’t have menopausal women popping in to fertility forums saying ‘I’m still a woman! Why are you excluding me with all this trying to conceive talk?’

That’s exactly why I don’t understand the lapping up of all that attention and public affirmation by TiMs (except for when I remember how huge a male’s ego and need for social recognition is...)

I’ve been a part of groups that I was definitely in some ways “an outsider”— shoot I’ve even done a religious conversion— and if everyone fawned over me and constantly cheerfully “validated” me I would want to just disappear with embarrassment AND it would make me feel that I’d never actually blend in if my presence had to be such a big deal.

(I think TRAs would say it’s different because ‘trans women face harm so we have to support them!’ but that argument doesn’t hold up to me because social media comments like go queen, hotter than the cis aren’t saving anyone from abuse and you could just...be ready and willing to step in and stop abuse if you see it rather than parade your support and preach to others constantly)

"pianists that haven't started playing yet"

Are TRAs actually this dense?

At some point he's actually arguing that she's invalidating him as a pianist.

If you're "a pianist that hasn't started playing yet" then you're a would-be pianist. Wtf this person is dense. 😂

lmao. a pianist who hasn't started playing yet is a future pianist, or in other words… not a pianist (at this point in time).

okay - here's my take for today on TWAW

IF TWAW was really what TRA's want EVERYONE to accept and shut up about... then WHY are they actively hounding the medical professions and politicians every freakin' time any doctor, health professional or politician uses the words, "women" or "mother" in anything concerning women's health issues??! IF TWAW and IF TW were REAL women -- then there wouldn't be this rush to invalidate every statement that relates to biological sex and health issues concerning women. They wouldn't feel excluded by women's health issues -- they would KNOW that women's health issues ALSO includes them - IF (and here's the thing) they were "real women"... but instead they crow and cry and carry on and have near-hyserics every time a politician or health professional refers to "women" instead of just referring to bodily functions or body parts concerning women's health.

IF TWAW was a FACT and not some made-up political fiction fantasy land fetish -- then WHY the hell are TRA's so freakishly paranoid about any doctor or health professional or any person of influence referring to women by name, when talking about women's health issues?

And weirdly it's mostly the TIMs doing this. I thought for a while it was the TIFs demanding "people with uteruses" and that sort of nonsense but turns out a lot of them don't like that language either. No, it's the fucking TIMs. It's always the fucking TIMs.

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Meanwhile they refer to us as menstruaters and uterus owners... isn't that reducing us to reproductive organs? Lmao these people are actually retarded

IKR? Like… they think saying that women have vaginas/uteri is reducing us to them, but somehow calling women "vagina-havers" or "uterus owners"* or "people with ovaries" isn't reducing us to them. It's just the kind of stuff that's so stupid and inconsistent it makes me wanna bash my head against a wall.

*I really don't like the implication that a womb is a commodity that can be possessed

Is brigading against ovarit's TOS? What's wrong with us doing it?

Yeah fuck that. I will happily downvote shit that I think is dumb using my reddit account. Ovarit doesn't have the authority over what I do on reddit. And in the past, subreddits like GenderCritical told users not to "brigade" because it could threaten getting our community kicked off. We followed all of the rules and what happened? We were booted off the platform anyway. And the fact that merely downvoting is called "brigading" is dramatic in the first place.

Not sure! Just so used to using that disclaimer on reddit lol

If they wanted us to follow their rules they could have left our subs alone. Sucks for them that we don't have to give a shit anymore. lol I say brigade away!

I know I’ve seen it as a rule in at least one of the circles here. Goodness knows why.

I assume they mean brigading other circles, not reddit?

Found it - it’s in o/It’s AFetish, and it’s not about reddit specifically (wonder why that came to mind, heh), it’s “no brigading LGBTQIA communities”.

Update: surprise surprise ya girl got banned

with the message


cause you know, that's how you're sure you're right about something. when you have to keep repeating it and yelling it and not being able to talk about it

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