Somebody is very intent on trying to take away the link between being male and sexual violence. Stats like these inform policy, research and resource allocation.

This is a huge fear of mine. I saw an article maybe a month ago that said something like, "violent crime rates of women on the rise randomly and nobody knows why"

I screamed into a pillow for a solid minute

That is certainly scream-worthy. The media insists to call TIMs women when reporting them as perps, then wonder why so many “women” suddenly start molesting children and committing other acts of violence.

Have they missed the now Home Secretary’s speech this summer?

Anyone not banned from Twitter want to send her this? She holds one of the highest positions in our country and police think they can ignore her legal guidance on how crimes should be reported. Arrogant dickweedy wankbadgers.

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No. FUCK YOU. There is no such thing as a "mx" I'm up to here with these perverts and their alien language. He's a mister. He's a man. And he will never be anything but a man. STOP FORCING US TO LIE.

I also have devolved into yelling FUCK YOU constantly when I read shit like this here, I'm glad i'm not alone.

You'd think these freaks wouldn't want to draw more attention to how many TIMs are pedos and sex offenders. Go ahead and call them mx, show the world the disproportionate amount of mx's who are in prison for sex crimes.

Why? Why is British police so strident about this issue?

Police, hcp & education are a triad of control over the majority of the country.

There are some slow steps being made to correct some of the damage in education and hcp. But education and hcp will have more female staff than police. And likely deal more with women than the police do (mainly because of mothers. We do much more child rearing labour, so engage more with schools and nhs. And police have never been known to be friends to women). So I think parents breadcrumbing and women in hcp and education roles breadcrumbing, and some of us being greater pita, then some ground is being made slowly.

But police are thrilled to have an excuse to be a bigger boys club than before. Because they’ve always been bigger misogynists.

(And Denton’s play book was effective. Clearly)

Why do they always look like the underside of a rusted-out oil drum? Complete with scurrying bugs.

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I hate it but if they want to use MX then ok. The most important thing is that these men are not recorded as female criminals, and not advertised as such publicly either. I wish we could never concede at all, but I doubt we'll win that endeavor soon

The most important thing is to not deny that a MAN has committed a crime and they be recorded as MEN. To pretend that a man did not commit a crime is to pretend that men are not dangerous.

We cannot bow to this bullshit.

Agreed, I don't give a rat's ass if they wanna call themselves Mx., I think it's dumb but whatever. I just want to make sure that perpetrators of crimes, especially violent crimes and sexual crimes are recorded as the sex they were born as.

It is enraging that this scumbags fucking pronouns are up for debate when he literally raped a child. Fuck HIM