Euphoria is trans-majority owned and operated, and is the only transgender technology company with a female and transgender CEO.

If he was female and transgender, he wouldn't be on the list, ya dummies.

Archive: https://archive.ph/zSNSt

"Meet one man-led and 5 women-led startups"

Just scrolling through the pictures, I immediately clocked the TIM. His company is called "Euphoria", of course.

I haven't looked through all the other startups, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were more men.

Yup, called it from the thumbnails.

I clicked through to the article on my phone in response to your comment. My actual thought process: "she must be browsing on desktop, the portraits in the mosaic are tiny -- holy shit, never mind, there he very obviously is."

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What a Not-a-Woman:

Kate Anthony describes herself as “a proud woman that happens to be transgender.” She is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Euphoria, a technology company that creates software and services for transgender people. She's been named one of America's Greatest Disruptors by Newsweek, is a former TEDx speaker, and was recognized as one of Go Magazine's 100 Women We Love, just to name a few.

Euphoria is trans-majority owned and operated, and is the only transgender technology company with a female and transgender CEO. Their mission is to restore agency and dignity to transgender souls.

I hate to even take a guess at what the product or purpose is for a TIM-owned company named “Euphoria”.

Wtf does this company even do? That's a whole lot of words with almost no discernable meaning

From the description you posted, it sounds like it automates even the few small hurdles remaining, so they don't even have to want it enough to put in the effort to change their paperwork themselves.

Also adding "forever self" to the list of phrasings from other causes TIMs steal from, in this case pet adoption. One that ignores the growing elephant of the room of detransitioners, who have already been speaking out about how the process is already too streamlined and the permanent damage that reduced/removed gatekeeping did to them.

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Yes, no product or purpose other than this meaningless phrase:

Their mission is to restore agency and dignity to transgender souls.

Who, what, when and where?

Woman 1: bank

Woman 2: app for home cleaning services

Woman 3: AI human resources

Woman 4: depop for cosmetics

TIM: ???

Woman 5: AI speech recognition

Can he say “transgender” one more time? Gah.

Plus, I agree with you: don’t wanna know what the company sells.

Hahahaha I clocked the guy even from the thumbnails - though there could be more TIMs among the rest of the founders who weren't included in the article, but his AGP smirk stands out as always. Note how all 5 women in the article are in fact focusing on an important goal - helping children learn read, sustainability, inclusion of Native Americans, improving the work conditions of cleaners which affects many people of colour. But the man of course focuses on his body mod fetish, literally naming his start-up "Euphoria" and receives $225 000 in cash and more even though it should have gone to a woman because the whole point of this program was to narrow the gender funding gap of the start-up world. Grifting at its finest.

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From the TIM's company site:

Transition is an incredibly complex process that requires an enormous amount of expertise to navigate swiftly and successfully. And it turns out that the correct sequence of goals can massively expedite your transition and provide considerable cost savings.

We understand transition as a holistic process that involves medical, social, and legal changes. We’re here to understand your goals, develop and write the correct sequence, and provide you with individualized, one-on-one support in achieving the fastest and most affordable transition possible.

Sequencing starts with an initial one-hour call to discuss your hopes and goals. From there, we’ll use our expertise and our data libraries to build out a path forward that works best for you. We’ll typically take on one goal a month and provide you with actionable information to complete each goal. We’ll repeat this process every month, updating and adapting your sequence every step of the way. Before you know it, your transition will be done. You'll never have to worry about updating paperwork, accessing medical care, or coming out again. You'll just get to live life as yourself.

Sequencing your transition also helps keep you accountable. We'll keep track of your goals, and each month we'll celebrate the progress you've made and recalibrate on anything that didn't go well. And throughout the month, we’ll provide you with consistent support to help with the nerves of accomplishing something significant.

This is your one-stop shop for transition. We’ll get you through this process while allowing you to focus on what matters most in this life (your relationships, career, hopes and dreams, etc.). Our experts are ready to help.

If you have no idea how to start your transition or the goals left on your list seem particularly challenging, you are in the right place. We can get this done, together.

By making your first appointment, you’ll already be significantly closer to being your forever self.

Let us find the right doctors, assemble the correct paperwork, and make the hard phone calls on your behalf. We're experts in transition so you don't have to be.

There's a section for CHILDREN to register (though it's not currently active). It's basically a grooming business

"Sequencing your transition also helps keep you accountable."

This is frightening. What does this mean for people who are unsure about continuing their transition? How are they held accountable?