Not enough people care about womens rights or safeguarding to stand up to it. It makes me wonder how anyone built a working society in the first place.

Well, she's not the Deputy PM anymore. She was removed from that role a year ago because she holds this view. The law is going ahead.

Spain is a lost cause, they are scarred by Franco and now they're trying to do the opposite, failing miserably. I can tell you right now: Spanish women don't have rights and they don't even want them because they've been brainwashed. It's really sad.

hmmm.... lol.... Spain is one of the countries with the strongest radical feminist movement and we have a lots of womens rights anglo countries don't have. We have secure abortion, free healthcare and we even have (and have been one of the pionering countries) an especial law against marital abuse that protects especifically women. The only way they are going to approve this new law is because:

  1. The trans lobby has succedeed in keeping this from the public the whole time and is only discused in parlament and alternative feminist circles.

  2. There is an ongoing shadow politcal process where they are cheating democracy. Podemos (the party that is making this bullshit law) has used an "emergency autorisation" to approve this law in less time that what the reglament says. Even worse follwoing this invented "emergency situation" (the only justification they got is "trans genocide" and that the government is runing out of time to approve it before legislation ends*). Not this obviously bullshit justification being enought they are pushing for the law to be approve only by the "equity" commision they themselves rule, stealing the spanish people from hearing the law debated in the congress so, yeah, we know they need secrecy to keep this forward. With this and even more legal irregularities that have been going one some feminists suspect that even if they succeed in approving this only by the commision the entire process can be brought to the tribunals because of how goofy and rushed the whole thing is.

*This is also because the old style socialist party (PSOE) has a lot of wise feminists and most of them threatened to not vote for it even when PSOE invoked party discipline. So this law was and IS sure to fail if democratic standarts are meet. What we spaniards are witnessing are literal democratic threatening movements just to aprove this shitty NATO shilled law.

PD: We "aren't falling miserably" neither do spanish women "don't have rights and they don't even want them" and I advice you in not talking in that way about political situations you don't know that much about. In here the average women would laught at you if you ask what her pronouns are and most people don't know what non-binary is. In that terms what comments do you think I could make about the state of women in USA or England?

I mean. We are not more brainwashed than all other women in all other Western countries. And the numbers we get on the street for our terf demos cannot be rivalled even by Terf Island so far.