Could? I bound with tape when I was younger and managed to rip my skin off under my armpit. Encouraging any form of binding but especially binders that damage rib cages and could cause a fatal asthma attack IS abuse!?!?

I don't think anyone can support binders after hearing years after removing it, she still cannot take a full breath.

She is crippled in her twenties. It is awful.

The corset has been resurrected!

Don't get me wrong, corsets are awful and I don't ever want them back but they're much safer than chest binding.

I'm not sure how they could be, didn't we have this debate many decades ago about the damage caused by corsets? all those Victorian ladies fainting and getting cracked ribs, whats the difference? its a garment intended to crush the figure into an unnatural shape.

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While that "could" is infuriating, the fact that this is even viewed as a possibility and printed in a major paper (even if it is the Mail) is very heartening.

Binding and breast ironing aside I think it would be nice if there was a way to stop breasts from growing without causing harm to girls... At least from growing too much as very big breasts can be very inconvenient as many big breasted women on Ovarit themselves have said plus they can cause back pain...

I dunno why human evolution did this to us when most other mammalian females do not have these problems of having their mammaries out unless they are feeding their babies...

Sexual selection...

The only way I can think of is making sure that girls don't have excessive fat. It's still not guaranteed that their breasts won't become too big but at least it will help somehow

No one wants to acknowledge it but all the steroids and hormones in meat and dairy have a lot to do with this. It accelerates and makes it occur sooner. I have to wonder if it doesn’t also have a role in GD as this is a very western phenomenon

Oh? Do you have any sources for that? Maybe you can make a post about it... Good thing I don't eat meat maybe that's why my breasts didn't end up too big...

Thank you for this comment. i have been struggling with my breasts since I was basically a tween. I've considered binding so many times. Honestly considering a reduction but I am afraid of surgery... I really wish we didn't have to deal with this painful issue.

No just no, if there was any way to essentially have designer breasts it would become a fashion.

Isn't that already a thing though? Surgery to reduce breast size and implants to increase breast size already exist...

Thats different as thats adults (well was) if there was a pill a developing child could take that would dictate the growth of theirs, thats a totally different bucket of fish and getting close to designer baby territory