Does anyone else got reminded of the Black Mirror episode where people would constantly score each other on an instagram-esque app and the score would determine where they can buy a house, where they can enter etc and then the heroine meets a lady truck driver with the lowest score ever just because the lady stopped giving a f ?

I just realised reality right now is worse than a Black Mirror episode.

I know JKR can't single-handedly tackle all of this, but I do dream about her starting a small press for women writers.

she's getting more and more boldly TERFy in the Strike books so I don't think something like that is totally out of the question

I'd love to see a YA novel about detransition. JKR could make it happen.

She won't even write a book series where a woman is the lead character...

The Ickabog (not a series) - Daisy, a lovable young girl who is the heart of the fairy tale

It's debatable, but I see Robin as the lead character of the Strike series, despite it being named after him (although I know what you mean)

I didn't know she co-authored the warriors books, I loved those as a kid! And I do remember watching a YT video about that book series 2 years ago where the person mentioned one of the authors being denounced as a terf but I forgot which one. I'm glad she's back on her feet though, good for her.

What a brave, resilient woman! I had heard that there was a former writer who became a lorry driver, and I always wondered how she got there, and whether she liked it. It seems she does:-)

It's disgraceful what happened to Gillian Philip.

Does she still get royalties from her book sales? We could buy them to support her. She did write books under her own name.

I have her books Bad Faith and Clickbait on my Kindle, and can recommend.