I'm curious about the family's political/religious leanings. It seems like there are a few kids from conservative families whose parents trans them because they're GNC, Kai Shappley for example.

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I think more than a few. There was that conservative Christian dad from Missouri who gave a big speech about his genderspecial child where he was literally just straight up like "I tried very hard to enforce strict gender roles on my son but it didn't work, he insisted on playing with girl's toys[sic], thank god we are going to sterilize and castrate him to fix this abberation, please clap".

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw blue state so called "liberal" "progressive" friends share that speech as if it was something inspiring. It's actually horrifying, a grown ass man who's so insecure about his toddler son not being a GI Joe doll that he goes to such ridiculous lengths to "correct" his child's body to match his own regressive stereotypes.

Yep. They're just more open about their homophobic motives for transing their kids. What I've noticed is that a lot of seemingly "nice", liberal, tolerant parents also seem deeply uncomfortable with the idea of having a GNC kid. I don't think Susie Green or Jeanette Jennings were particularly religious, but they couldn't deal with having a little boy who liked dolls and dresses.