She also happens to be smart and funny and was raised in a family of athletes. Her father was a Division I college athlete, and her older brother just finished up a Division III college career. Her other two siblings excelled on the soccer field. In high school, I was the second-highest scorer on my field-hockey team.

Aaaand, that’s where I stopped reading. That tells me all I need to know about this family and why they transed their son.

Yep. Told me everything I needed to know. They're most probably raising a quiet, bookish and/or effeminate son and he didn't fit into the family.

She's a terrible athlete. She can't overhand serve. She gets bored on defense. She doesn't like to put her face in the water to swim.

Yeah, no way that boy is going to be able to compete with other boys so they want to level the playing field for him, whether he is interested in sports or not. Why parents just can't appreciate their kids for who they are and leave them to grow up without interference is beyond me.

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It doesn't sound like he can compete with the girls either. More importantly, it doesn't sound like he really cares or wants to.

But lots of other boys are "terrible athletes" like this kid. By this woman's "logic," any and all boys who are crap at sports should be able to horn in on the girls' category.

She doesn't like to put her face in the water to swim.

Is it just me or is this abnormal for a high schooler? That's what happens with 5 year olds.