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Your son sucks at sports and is a disappointment to Daddy so you’re trying to pass him off as a girl. Stop trying to force him to be into sports and let him take ballet like he wants. Problem solved

Like could she make it any more obvious how this boy got it in his head he’s a girl?

She also happens to be smart and funny and was raised in a family of athletes. Her father was a Division I college athlete, and her older brother just finished up a Division III college career. Her other two siblings excelled on the soccer field. In high school, I was the second-highest scorer on my field-hockey team.

Aaaand, that’s where I stopped reading. That tells me all I need to know about this family and why they transed their son.

Yep. Told me everything I needed to know. They're most probably raising a quiet, bookish and/or effeminate son and he didn't fit into the family.

She's a terrible athlete. She can't overhand serve. She gets bored on defense. She doesn't like to put her face in the water to swim.

Yeah, no way that boy is going to be able to compete with other boys so they want to level the playing field for him, whether he is interested in sports or not. Why parents just can't appreciate their kids for who they are and leave them to grow up without interference is beyond me.

[–] Eava 34 points

It doesn't sound like he can compete with the girls either. More importantly, it doesn't sound like he really cares or wants to.

But lots of other boys are "terrible athletes" like this kid. By this woman's "logic," any and all boys who are crap at sports should be able to horn in on the girls' category.

She doesn't like to put her face in the water to swim.

Is it just me or is this abnormal for a high schooler? That's what happens with 5 year olds.

I came from a family like this and got none of the athletic genes that literally everyone else in my family has. It is fucking really annoying when you're the only one who isn't interested in sports.

Anyway, these parents can fuck right off. He can play with his male peers or he can sit in the bleachers, end of story

I actually stopped at "my daughter is bad at sports but she's still not allowed to play on girl's sports teams." Of All the misogynistic bullshit I've seen lately that's one of the worst

I'm curious about the family's political/religious leanings. It seems like there are a few kids from conservative families whose parents trans them because they're GNC, Kai Shappley for example.

[–] Luckystar 10 points Edited

I think more than a few. There was that conservative Christian dad from Missouri who gave a big speech about his genderspecial child where he was literally just straight up like "I tried very hard to enforce strict gender roles on my son but it didn't work, he insisted on playing with girl's toys[sic], thank god we are going to sterilize and castrate him to fix this abberation, please clap".

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw blue state so called "liberal" "progressive" friends share that speech as if it was something inspiring. It's actually horrifying, a grown ass man who's so insecure about his toddler son not being a GI Joe doll that he goes to such ridiculous lengths to "correct" his child's body to match his own regressive stereotypes.

Yep. They're just more open about their homophobic motives for transing their kids. What I've noticed is that a lot of seemingly "nice", liberal, tolerant parents also seem deeply uncomfortable with the idea of having a GNC kid. I don't think Susie Green or Jeanette Jennings were particularly religious, but they couldn't deal with having a little boy who liked dolls and dresses.

The tone of this article grates. "Isn't it cute that my little boy is ditsy and incompetent like a girl...he fits right in."

Srsly this article pissed me off more than usual. This is a gay child who is being abused. They fucked up his growth so he's likely got a micro penis and his life must suck being in a family like that.

THIS is the shit that kids kill themselves over, not being denied cosmetic surgery or cross sex hormones

still being socialized as a boy: ignore women's boundaries. Take what you want no matter who you hurt. Demand things you don't qualify for. Reward mediocrity.

[–] GenZ-ProWoman 41 points Edited

This child doesn’t seem to like sports, and you can get community and a sense of belonging/‘being of use’ from basically any childhood hobby. He could learn to play an instrument and join the school/marching band, or a dance team. Color guard or cheerleading for athletic non-sports. He could do theatre, or exercise his brain and imagination with DnD.

It sounds like these parents are obsessed with sports, conformity, and derive their personal sense of value from athletic ability. I feel terrible for this boy. Not only is he apparently gender non-conforming and small for his age, but he’s seemingly ONLY allowed to do sports as an extracurricular. Why?

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 25 points

They sound like the sports-mad idiots at my school. If you weren’t into sport you were a freak, a loser. This was the PE teacher and the other students.

Yeah, the people in my hometown were/are waaaaay too much into high school football and NFL. I could do sports, but after middle school, I didn't want to. People act nuts.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 5 points

I couldn’t do them and once I had glasses was scared of doing so - glasses were made of actual glass then and the thought of them being smashed by some fucking hooligan throwing a ball at my face was terrifying. I never liked any sports, the PE teacher was a bullying idiot who tried humiliating people by making them wear garbage bags if they didn’t have their uniforms and probably couldn’t even spell “asthma” let alone understand that no, you don’t send an asthmatic kid to run around the oval by way of punishment.

THANK YOU. By the time I got to "Here's the kicker: She's a terrible athlete. She can't overhand serve. She gets bored on defense. She doesn't like to put her face in the water to swim." a couple paragraphs in, I was thinking "LADY, PLEASE LEAVE THIS WANNABE THEATRE KID ALONE."

Right? Like, they wouldn't accept the boy for who he was because he didn't fit into this uberjock family but the parents are still trying to force him to be One Of Them. Their last ditch attempt is to put him in the girls' category since he'd obviously get destroyed playing with the boys.

What horrible parents. Leave the kid's body alone. Leave his personality alone. Stop trying to literally engineer the child you want because you're incapable of loving the child you have.

[–] real_feminist 10 points Edited

cheerleading for athletic non-sports

fwiw, cheerleading might not require cardio but the stunts require a lot of muscle (for the bases) and are extremely dangerous (for the flyers).

(at least I think. I was not a cheerleader).

I definitely believe cheerleading is a sport as soon as it crosses into tumbling/dance territory, but I bet the article’s author and her husband wouldn’t.

Zero sympathy. Your son can play on any male or mixed team he wants. Also, you chose to stunt his puberty and make him a 4’10 75lb boy in high school? That’s abusive and gross, and not qualifying as “girly” in the least. He’s just a small boy that’s been abused by gender ideology.

Holy shit.

Yeah, I had to give up competitive sports when I started high school because I was too short at 5'7" too keep playing basketball and volleyball. There's no fucking way any child, male or female, would be playing high school sports at that size and weight. Hell, even tiny little girl gymnasts are bigger than that in high school.

“Love” how mom tries to defend it by admitting he’s a shitty male athlete. Like ah yeah shitty male athletes are the problem too

Ma'am. Your son is not barred from sports in any states. He's allowed to play sports everywhere, and allowed to try out for boys' or mixed teams everywhere.

He's just not allowed to play competitive sports against girls.

Omg the tragedy. How will he ever recover!

Boy moms. Not even once.

Seriously! Why are they like that?!!

It's so fucking embarrassing bc I'm a boy mom and not like this at all. My son and I have a great relationship but he knows not to act the fool bc I will tell him about himself

Imo one of the major issues with boy moms is that they rarely, if ever, tell their sons about themselves. Parents seem to have no problems telling girls exactly what they think of them in every area: clothes, friends, academics. But they don't do the same with their sons. I might go a little hard in the other direction but in my defense I am absolutely terrified of raising yet another fucking scrote and I will do everything in my power to avoid that. If he grows up and becomes a scrote, it will all be on him bc I'll know that I did everything in my power to avoid it

Nah, you’re a mom of a boy not a boy mom. Very big difference. Very. It just doesn’t seem like it because boy moms are rampant.

Thank you. (From all the women he will encounter and maybe one day potentially date/marry.)

[–] Hermione 15 points Edited

At the start of high school, our daughter was tiny — 4-foot-10 and 75 pounds.

Notice she failed to mention what he is now.

But let’s ASSUME he’s the same. He comes from a family of athletes, so I’m guessing these aren’t tiny people. She wasn’t an ice skater or gymnast.

75lbs for a 13 year old (I’m being generous in assuming he’s under 14, the normal age to start high school) boy is under the 5th percentile. 4’10” is about 12%ile. This doesn’t sound like it jives with his genes. According to one site I saw, while 75lbs is considered within the range of “normal” for a 13 year boy, it’s pretty damn small for 4’10”. The low end of “normal” is 91lbs.

It might mean nothing. Either way, note she doesn’t compare it to the size of the girls, nor all the other things that make physical differences between males and females.

But could him being super small have anything to do with say… puberty blockers? Maybe it doesn’t and his family are the type that grow a lot in their teen years.

But she keeps going on about how he sucks at sports. According to her he SUUUUCKS!!! Is writing like that how you support your kid you 🦤?

At this point, I don't put much trust in Munchhausen moms' versions of their children's life story and gender identity. I've seen too many stories of moms supposedly walking in on their sons seconds before they try to cut off their penis. It seems like a lot of them misrepresent or fabricate events entirely.

And 4'10 and 75 lbs is suspiciously tiny for a 13-14 year old boy. I was small in high school, but I was still substantially bigger than that. She's either leaving out relevant details (like if he's on puberty blockers) or she's making it up.

I love your analysis. I know loads of boys who were small and thin at 13 and by 15 they were massive. Towering over everyone kind of massive. So all I get from her argument is that she is disingenuous at best, narcissistic at worst, and that her son is f%*ed.

[–] Juniperius 1 points Edited

Those numbers don't make sense at all. When I started high school, I was 5'1" (still am) and about 110 lbs I think? (Not anymore, lol) and I only remember one or two of the other girls in my class of about 300 students being shorter than me, and definitely none of the boys.

I did some googling and those numbers did fall within the range of normal, if extremely on the low end. But it did seem purposeful how she put it, that her son started high school like that.

And then she threw up a bunch of reasons he HAD to participate in competitive sports.

This is like protesting the injustice of your 23 year old being "barred" from playing Little League.

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