"Love and inclusion of all uwu, except for you, you b!tch"

I love that they didn't get away with scrubbing it. Good job, archivists!

I saw a post the Globe made on Twitter a day or two after deleting the poem, which was a video of the Joan of Arc actress sliding down a slide and they captioned it with something ridiculous like "sliding right into trans joy!" The comments on it are priceless... Lots of screenshots of the poem and people pointing out that they are anything but "joyful."

I am so glad people are speaking out about this.

An obviously shit poem supposedly written in response to (from all I've read about it) an obvious shit play. Globe should be deeply ashamed, not just at the political content they've chosen to use their platform to trumpet, but at how straight-up inferior both the play and this poem are as art.

Does anyone have a copy/paste of the TERF poem? I didn't get to see it before they deleted it and I'm morbidly curious about what it said

terfs stop being transphobic challenge

the lion, the witch, the audacity of this bitch to question my authority on bodily autonomy.

mutilations. in their words. a sacreligous scourge, this societal condition. transgender affliction tearing up the youth, turning boys into girls.

we're lopping titties off of toddlers. you'd think to hear them speak, with so much garbage locked inside it's a wonder they survive.

now they're questioning my right to proudly self-identify, want to pacify. pathologize every aspect of my life, want to take away my choices whilst the men take theirs from them, want to put me in the ground, want to silence me again.

I just think they're scared because I am angrier than them, because I am angry at them and angry at men, but my anger doesn't blind, it only clarifies, and that makes them tucking scared, I can see it in their eyes. even as they glaze over with transphobic lies.

my beauty astounds them, their anger confounds me, I don't know how they're alive, it makes them so blind that they can't see the path down which they're being lead is another fucking path being paved by fucking men.

we can't stand against them when they turn your anger onto us. so please, for once, show us some fucking love, and remember that we're seeking the same thing that you seek, a world made for everyone, the bold and the meek, our liberation's intertwined. it's been like this all the time, watch the patriarchy crumble as you just stand beside your transgender brothers and sisters. please join us in the fight.

Alex Curry

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the lion, the witch, the audacity

I actually like that description thank you.


it makes them so blind that they can't see the path down which they're being lead is another fucking path being paved by fucking men.

We do know, you’re the men.