I was just thinking yesterday about how creepy the name "Mermaids" is, in itself. I've felt that way since I first learned of the charity, when I was a child.

Mermaids are beloved of many children, it's true. But think about what a mermaid is, for a second.

A mermaid is fish woman, usually naked or nearly so, who lures sailors to their death by seducing them. It's an inherently sexual creature.

I always felt a bit creeped out by the choice of name for an organization promoting transsexual children (primarily little boys who "become women.") If they wanted to name it something cute and "girly," they could have called it "Butterflies" or "Unicorns" or "Pixies" or anything else, and it would have sounded a lot more innocent. But they really seem to love the idea of little boys transforming into voluptuous, sexually available women. It's like the stuff Genevieve Gluck has been whistle blowing about, from the "Eunuch Archive."

Mermaids are also problematic from the waist down, so a double tell, uncanny creatures with siren like proclivities and no genitalia. It does make you wonder when you think about it.

Even more if you consider the theory that all of these “trans” children who will never develop properly physically or sexually or emotionally are being created ultimately to be fed to pedophiles. A child that has been rendered sterile and incapable of sexual pleasure via puberty blockers, wrong sex hormones and possibly SRS is a mermaid, alluring to pedophiles but essentially desexed. The name choice of this so called charity is incredibly telling and horrifying.

It's unbelievable what far and powerful influence Mermaids has had. Even my local Starbucks used to sell mermaid biscuits to send profits to them. It's bizarre how the word "trans" made everyone so uncritical in their thinking. It was like everyone heard "Mermaids is a charity for trans kids" and immediately decided that was great, no reason to even look into them whatsoever.

That sleazy charity has got way more skeletons hidden. They freaking had a pedo as a trustee. There is way worse those awful people are hiding.

They got so comfortable on Twitter buying into their own bullshit, they didn't realize a courtroom is in real life and you can't win cases by simply shouting "Transphobes! ".

It was gross when they were taking to Twitter to try and get a book removed from libraries that was literally just telling children to love the skin and bodies they were born with. The outrage was astonishing to see over something that used to be a routine message.

I hope EVERY sick fuck involved with this organization is personally investigated. Hard drive searches! everything!

It's sad that it took them hiring a literal child molester before they got any real scrutiny

Do you have an archive link? There’s a pay wall and I’d love to read this one-Cates is consistently very very strong on this (and should have been put in an educational ministerial role to fix the fuck ups).

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I use 12ft io to bypass paywalls. It reads:

Title: Trans charity Mermaids is at last getting the scrutiny it has long deserved

Author: Miriam Cates published on 8 October 2022 • 7:00am

Subtitle: The abuse and exploitation of children rightly causes public outrage. Yet for all the past scandals we remain too slow at picking up on it

Body: Few scandals provoke more universal condemnation than the abuse and exploitation of children. Although we know it happens all too often, we are still shocked when tragic cases come to light and we cling to promises by those in authority that lessons will be learned. While no defences are ever infallible, sophisticated safeguarding practices have been developed in recent years to protect children and make sure that action is swift when alarms are raised.

It is therefore almost unbelievable that it has taken so long for significant safeguarding concerns about children’s charity Mermaids to be taken seriously. Mermaids is an organisation that subscribes to extreme gender identity theory and actively recruits children to its political cause. For years, desperate parents have tried to alert schools, the media and politicians to Mermaids’ activities, which include encouraging children to keep secrets from their families and leading them towards a path of medical and surgical transition. I have spoken to parents who, following a visit from Mermaids to their children’s school, have seen their confused teenage daughters turn against them and their families destroyed. These parents have been ignored.

But finally – mercifully – the wheels are coming off, and Mermaids now faces intense public scrutiny. In an act of extraordinary hubris, Mermaids initiated an appeal against the LGB Alliance, complaining that the organisation was anti-trans and should have its charitable status revoked. The ensuing court case laid bare the true agenda of Mermaids and paved the way for a superb investigation by The Telegraph. The investigation revealed how the charity sends breast flattening devices to children behind parents’ backs, helps them change their names in secret and misleadingly promotes experimental puberty blocking drugs to children as totally reversible. The Charity Commission has launched an investigation, trustee Jacob Breslow has been forced to resign over disturbing links with paedophilia, and the National Lottery announced that it will suspend funding to Mermaids.

But why have the concerns of whistleblowers - including parents’ groups like Safe Schools Alliance, Bayswater Support Group and Transgender Trend - repeatedly failed to gain public attention? Why have established safeguarding procedures been so blatantly disregarded to allow Mermaids – and others – continued access to vulnerable children?

Far too many intelligent, educated people have accepted without question the new radical orthodoxy that says that gender identity trumps biological sex and children who experience gender distress should be enabled and encouraged to transition. Teachers, doctors, politicians, and even therapists, have failed to ask why there has been an exponential rise in the number of children who believe they have been born in the wrong body and who are being referred for treatments that can result in lifelong loss of fertility and sexual function.

Against this background of naïveté and suspension of disbelief, it has been easy for Mermaids and others to claim that anyone who questions this narrative is a bigot, a transphobe and a danger to ‘trans’ children. And that is exactly the deflective defence that Mermaids continues to make, releasing a press statement on September 25 claiming that the accusations of safeguarding failures are “an attack on the trans community as a whole”.

Just as the horror of child abuse in Rotherham was covered up for political reasons, so concerns about Mermaids - and the welfare of children - have been swept aside in the pursuit of a political agenda. Where our institutions could once be trusted to protect young people from radical ideologies, now many schools, universities and NHS trusts have abandoned safeguarding practices and are actively promoting gender identity theory to children despite growing evidence of its harms. The Mermaids scandal is just the tip of the iceberg; expect many more revelations to come.

Image: JKR; Image text: J K Rowling's warnings about extreme trans ideology are finally becoming mainstream CREDIT: Dia Dipasupil/Getty