“ Under the reforms, transgender prisoners with male genitalia should no longer be held in the general women’s estate. […] This will also apply to transgender women who have been convicted of a sex offence.”

So that’s half of them gone then.

Official figures show that the vast majority of trans inmates in England and Wales are held in male prisons, with most of the 40 in women’s jails identifying as male.

The vast majority of trans women were still being held in male prisons, an official report for 2020-21 said, with only 40 transgender prisoners in women’s jails. Of that group, fewer than five people reported their legal gender as male.

WTF does this mean? Are they suggesting there are 35-40 TIFs in women's prisons in England and Wales?

It doesn't matter how these people "identify" and what their "legal gender" is. What matters is their sex. Why can't anyone just say how many males are in women's prisons?

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That's a hellava contrast from this report for England and Wales, which uses 2018 data:

There were 42 transgender prisoners in women’s prisons. When asked about the gender they identified as, 22 identified as female, 17 as male, and 3 did not provide a response.

hmm, 40% versus 12.5% "ID as male"

Pages 5-6. The footnote on page 5 attempts to address the conundrum of exactly what "legal gender" means, but it's a bunch of word salad pretty much.

Male prisons had wings for Tim's. I'd love to know why that wasn't good enough.

It wasn’t affirming enough. They might kill themselves 🙄 (sarcasm)

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Not so sure about the author's choice of "vast majority" for TIM prisoners housed in the male estate... For one thing, TIMs with GRCs don't count towards that figure, according to the same article.

But, overall, I'm VERY happy to see some first steps towards unwinding the current shit show.

A few points in this article leave me wanting more information. For example, it mentions several transgender inmates commiting suicide. Are we to infer that the suicides were related to to whether they were housed in a male or female facility? Or that they committed suicide because they're transgender vs other mental health concerns? I'd imagine there have been suicides among the non trans identified populations as well. How do the proportions compare?

There is also mention of an increase of hate crimes against trans identified people. Can any of this increase be attributed to the seemingly broadening definition of what constitutesa hate crime? There's a big gap between people being assaulted randomly in the streets and having your sex accurately referred to on the internet.

It's frustrating to be unable to evaluate much when clarity and context are so constantly obscured by narrative.

Exactly the part where it said:

Several trans women have killed themselves in male prisons in the past decade.

with no citation or explanation/details is frustrating and just leaves the reader to interpret this how they wish.

And how many other male prisoners have killed themselves?

Male suicides in prisons are very high.

I’d also wonder how many of these are sex offenders, because of so I’d be very fucking good with that number being a fucktone higher.

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hate crimes against trans identified people

The stats conflate hate crimes with hate incidents, where no crime was committed but hurt feelings were reported to the police. Unless I see some evidence to the contrary I’m assuming the increase in “hate crimes” is 100% down to a single TIM - let’s call him “Fat Tony” - who spends all day on Twitter and has every lazy corrupt cop in the country on speed dial to report Tweets he doesn’t like.

The suicide bullshit needs to stop. That study has been so misunderstood and TRAs still bring it up constantly

Agree. Re suicides - here are some figures, there were 67 in 2020 and well over 500 since 2012. So it’s not statistically surprising that there were several trans women among them.

As for hate crimes, the government source for the 56% states right in the introduction (emphasis mine):

Police forces have made significant improvements in how they record crime since 2014. They have also improved their identification of what constitutes a hate crime. Because of these changes, police recorded crime figures do not currently provide reliable trends in hate crime.

But none of that makes a very interesting story, so the author has to gloss over it.

I'd want to know if they were in fact anti-TIM hate crimes, or if it had more to do with the nature of the crimes TIMs have committed, since sex crimes, particularly against children, tend to not be popular in prison, and make up a staggeringly high percentage of the crimes TIM are imprisoned over.

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”This will not be a blanket rule; exemptions to these new rules will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What might be the criteria for these determinations if not a “blanket rule”? We can only imagine…