I rolled my eyes when he compared his stale, pale self to Audre Lorde, in his coming out video. I doubt he'll get cancelled for his nonsense now.

I knew a transbian who was very racist. When I pointed this out, he became very aggressive with me and literally behaved like an entitled white male. Some choice quotes, "How dare you say I am racist when I try my best to not be racist at all!" Right, that's what actual non-racists say when confronted with their own racism.

What made me realize his racism: We were enjoying a nice, late Spring day when we walked through a seaside area that was super crowded. It was a diverse crowd of people, including white, black, Latino, etc. Many people weren't socially distancing properly. He had the nerve to tell others that "minorities don't socially distance, that's why they have high covid rates." He looked visibly uncomfortable around them. I'm a Latina, one of the minorities. How could we be friends if that's how he thought of us? We got invited to a lesbian couple's backyard that night to roast marshmallows. He had the audacity to grope my left knee with his hand, and very hard at that. Everyone was staring. Even the lesbian couple found it odd. One of my friends asked if we were dating, and he said yes, which was a lie. That friend also said the transbian behaved like a teenage boy around a girl for the first time. He did that because he wanted to "show his love language, which is touch." It was disgusting, and the lesbian couple still laugh about it with me today.

What the fuck? I know I'm looking for logic in the wrong place, but what a repulsive creep. His "love language" is actually boundary violation.

This is obviously nothing but anecdotal but every single TIM Ive personally met was insanely racist.

Racism is so mainstream among TRAs. And they still won't explain why being transracial and transgender are different.

It's just not okay. I cannot safely be "out" as gender critical, but I am shutting that argument down with people irl who make it. "Please do not compare your issues to that of black people, as you are a white person. It is never a good look under any circumstances. Thank you."

It's pretty demeaning to women of color to say that they're like PhilosophyTube.