"Shortly before the Brexit referendum, I was invited to appear on Question Time. Knowing how much of a cage-fight such occasions can be, I asked the producer if there would be another woman on the panel. I didn’t want to be the only one. “Yes, of course, don’t worry,” came the reply.

In retrospect, I was being a bit feeble; I was a big girl and I could hold my own. It was just that, in the past, I had always much preferred shows when there was another member of my sex taking part. A dash of oestrogen dilutes the gamey testosterone with which our political class is so richly imbued. Besides, it was hardly controversial to expect half the human race to occupy a third of one current affairs panel.

Anyway, I got to Brighton and was sitting in the green room where all that night’s guests were assembling. Nigel Farage was there in a natty velvet-collared check coat, comedian Eddie Izzard sported a pink beret and there was a Tory Transport minister among the rest. But no female guest. Where was she?

I asked the producer when the other woman panellist would be arriving.


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“Oh,” he said. “Once Eddie agreed to do it we stopped looking for another woman.”

I was dumbfounded. Did a pink beret and matching lippy really qualify Eddie Izzard to be a female panellist? Did anyone seriously think that someone who lacked all of the key milestones and experiences of a woman’s life (not to mention the matching female genitalia) was qualified to take one of only two places reserved for a woman? Astonishingly, the answer was, clearly, yes. In the eyes of the BBC, at least, although not in mine and not, you can bet, in the minds of the majority of viewers who were about to tune in.

Back then, I didn’t realise that querying whether Eddie Izzard counted as a woman panellist on Question Time might one day get me arrested. If a Labour government ever comes to power, frighteningly, it now seems that it could.

Two weeks ago, 60-year-old Izzard announced a plan to stand as a Labour candidate in the Sheffield Central constituency at the next general election. Sir Keir Starmer was asked by a female caller to LBC whether Izzard, who uses the pronouns she/her, would be able to go on an all-women’s shortlist. Starmer murmured some evasive nonsense. “For 99.9 per cent of women, everything is a matter of biology – and I’m very supportive of that,” he said, although he would not “put to one side the fact that some people struggle with their gender identity”.

That followed a speech at the Pink News Awards in which the Labour leader said that he will introduce tougher “LGBT hate crime” laws, in which “offences” such as “misgendering” someone will be treated as aggravated. Woe betide you if you refuse to call a bloke in a dress “she”! If you’re female such heresy might even get you sent to a women’s prison where you could be sexually assaulted by a fellow inmate who is definitely not a man – dearie me, no! – because they “identify” as a woman. So that’s alright then.

Eddie Izzard has issued a statement saying they are ‘not seeking to be selected on an all-women shortlist’ Eddie Izzard has issued a statement saying they are ‘not seeking to be selected on an all-women shortlist’ CREDIT: Kate Green/Getty Images This is the mind-bending madness which a vocal minority – Labour politicians, academics, transgender activists, teachers, misogynists, metropolitan elite types – bully normal people to accept. “We should be compassionate,” Starmer told LBC. Yes, we should, but compassion is a one-way street for purblind ideologues like him. Remember that NHS hospital which insisted a patient on a single-sex ward who was raped could not have been raped because her attacker identified as a woman? It was a year after the assault that CCTV and witness statements finally forced the hospital to come clean about “a straightforward lie”. Was that poor, traumatised woman worthy of compassion? Or was she guilty of “misgendering’ her rapist, eh, Keir?

The Labour leader also says he would outlaw “conversion therapy”, which bans counsellors from suggesting to troubled teenagers that they may not be trans.

Even though the latest, highly welcome guidance from the NHS states that most children identifying as transgender are simply going through a “transient phase”. Amid concerns that the NHS is rushing children onto irreversible puberty blockers, doctors have now been told that it is not a “neutral act” to help them transition socially by using their preferred names or pronouns.

Try telling that to the Left, who have completely lost their minds to the cult of gender identity. A Planet Normal listener wrote to me saying that the head teacher of her daughter’s school told her that “female human” as the definition of woman is “just your opinion”.

Rosie Duffield, Labour MP for Canterbury, is one of the few in her party brave enough to push back against the tyrannical tide. Asked this week about the possibility of misgendering someone becoming a hate crime, Duffield replied: “Is that a serious thing? Is that coming to Parliament any time soon? I hope not because you might as well arrest me now. I won’t lie and I won’t say that a man is a woman. Eddie Izzard is not a woman.”

Millions of women are ready to die on that hill alongside Rosie Duffield. And millions of men too. Should Sir Keir Starmer ever become prime minister and try to implement such a monstrous threat to free expression, I promise we will take to the streets. A Conservative government should not hesitate to stand shoulder to shoulder with us.

Eddie Izzard has issued a statement saying they are “not seeking to be selected on an all-women shortlist”. I should think not. Actually, I wish Izzard the best of luck on becoming a Labour candidate; the comedian would certainly raise the level of wit on the Opposition benches. She/her, they/them, he/him – call yourself whatever you like, but don’t take a woman’s spot on Question Time. My sex struggled and died to get that place for someone like us."

I absolutely love all the sharp, unapologetic feminist voices coming out of the UK.

As an outside observer - and I could be wrong - it seems like GC views are gaining more steam there lately. It feels like there's enough of a critical mass that these views can't be ignore by the media, and they're making it into more mainstream publications. On the flip side, I'm reading more and more reports of police becoming more aggressive and arresting women who even hint at questioning a man's "gender identity". Can any one from the UK weigh in on that? Is this a correct read on the situation, or is it more nuanced?

I think you've summarised the situation perfectly. The problem is the capture of institutions - like the police- by Stonewall ideology. There is a new policy unit deisgned to monitor and docuemnt this mission creep in piublic life lead by three politicians from three different parties:

"Perhaps most worryingly, this is taking place without public scrutiny, and in the absence of democratic consensus. In some cases, organisations have even adopted policies that are in direct opposition to the law of the land, including the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act. Lack of informed and scholarly exploration about the implications of gender identity ideology only serves to perpetuate the polarity of the debate.

As this newsletter demonstrates, when left unchecked, gender identity ideology is able to rapidly infiltrate public life, sometimes with disastrous consequences for the vulnerable. "

You can read more of their newsletter here


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Yeah, I think you've got the gist of it. As an example, I'm just back from FiLiA, which is feminist heaven in the form of a three day conference. There were 1800 attending (maybe like five attendees were men) and the discussions were all GC and mostly all radfem. For close to 70%, it was their first FiLiA. A lot of women are becoming GC, then finding more and more feminist issues to engage with. It's the biggest feminist event in Europe, and it was held in Wales (which, like Scotland, have decided that they're going to ride-or-die with trans ideology to spite the English or something). The local press barely covered the event except when a woman got arrested for objecting to a male in the ladies' toilets in a pub. Nothing about Nazanin Zaraghi-Ratcliffe or the Kakuma Refugees or the hundreds of other speakers on topics from fast fashion to sex dolls. The grassroots is growing, while the press and police are still singing from Stonewall's songsheet.

it seems like GC views are gaining more steam there lately. It feels like there's enough of a critical mass that these views can't be ignore by the media

I read a paper a few years back talking about how many people need to have a contrary opinion before large amounts of people will consider it valid - before you get to the critical mass tipping point of people accepting the different angle. It's 25%. At and beyond that, 72-100% of people can be converted. below 25%, almost all ignore the contrary opinion and stay with the majority. (the negative to the study was that the people being influenced would change whether or not the 25% of voices were human or AI) But the UK is there now, and once we start speaking up in the states and other countries, it will happen elsewhere, as well.

I remember him getting destroyed by Nigel Farage. Probably earned thousands of votes for Leave that night.

What's the name of the author?

Allison Pearson - I don't particularly like her journalism as I don't agree with a lot of what she says - but her comments her are a useful example of how monitoring (how many women are involved in a particular news show for example) is distorted by not understanding whether someone is a man or a woman (or pretending that you don't as the producers did).