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"I hate the fact that most men will just wander through life, fucking up the lives of almost every woman that crosses their path and not looking back until the reach a certain age where they decide, “you know what? I can apply for social security in less than 5 years so maybe it’s time to get my life together.” Women have never been allowed that luxury. It’s not fair that there are so many of us walking around with psychological trauma from horrible relationships with shitty men, and we still have to attempt to answer the question “who hurt you?” with a straight face.

"We, as a society, need to change the narrative around men, personal development and relationships. We should teach our young boys that it is not okay to use and abuse women in effort to fix their own inner turmoil."

That's great stuff!

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I love this.

I’m fucking tired of men acting like they’re great and have achieved a lot in life because they have women taking care of them.

No. Those women have achieved a lot. You haven’t achieved shit. If you needed a woman to get you to realize that there is more to life than video games, cocaine and binge drinking, then you’re not responsible for your “achievements”. She is.

I have a friend who recently broke up with an asshole who kept talking about how he just “didn’t feel like drinking anymore.” The one constant in why he didn’t want to drink anymore was that he met her, (when they met he was a pretty bad alcoholic), and she really did put his life on track, and got him to stop the bad habit of alcoholism. Of course, he couldn’t grow the fuck up in other senses, so that’s why they still ended up splitting up, but I remember being so pissed listening to him talk about how he’d stopped drinking and started feeling proud of himself, like it was some mysterious force from deep within himself that finally came forth, like, DUDE, we all know why you stopped drinking. It’s because of her. She got you to stop drinking. Stop acting like it’s all you. She got you to get the help you needed when you didn’t know how. Literally. You didn’t even know how to make appointments.