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This quote hit me like a ton of bricks...

“gender dysphoria”—a term that, when applied to females, could as well be defined as “sex-caste resistance.”

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Teena Brandon is why TiFs don't pull the shit TiMs pull

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She exemplifies why the trans cult is dominated by TIMs. When women act too entitled to male spaces; they get raped and/or killed. And rapists don't give a shit about their victims' gender identity

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And conveniently the real evil transphobes are little white TERFs on Ovarit and not men who literally rape and murder them. Hm.

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Back when I was posting on feminist blogs, I would sometimes get the impression that people thought people that where mildly prejudiced where worse then people that where actually malignant in their bigotry.

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I have never seen the movie (I would have been too young) so didn't really 'know' the story until now. I'm completely shocked and saddened by this. To think she has been held up as an trans icon when she was a victim of repeated misogyny, pedophilia, and homophobia. Wow.

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The movie was really inaccurate. While she was very much a victim; she also did a ton of horrible things and pushed people that could have helped her away. For instance, she made up bizarre lies that she was born a boy, but her mom was trying to force her to be a girl. She tricked underage girls into thinking she was a boy their age and would than steal money. Of course she also was treated unbelievably horribly and wasn't really given a chance to develop into a good person.

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I actually read the book "All He Wanted" by Aphrodite Jones And it was heart breaking. The only person that treated her well was her best friend Sara really, her mom betrayed her by siding with the abuser over her, I think her dad was out of the picture and she didn't get along with her sister.