This person and her life and the incidence of her death are portrayed very differently here, on the trans rememberance website of HRC. Reading the full newspaper article it becomes clear that this person died from a set of circumstances leading up to her violent clash with the police--circumstances of sexual abuse, poverty, and mental illness, as well as just being born a black woman. She was a woman--and still known as a woman to her closest family and friends, as the newspaper article says--put in a series or horrible situations. The HRC would like people to imagine that trans people are just walking down the street, being trans, and people are randomly shooting at them FOR being trans. No. They are in particular situations, the vast majority of their situations don't have anything to do with being trans. I thought this was a clear example. It is worth it to investigate particular cases where people are claiming, "they get killed just for being trans!"

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A few years ago a couple of TIMs were apparently drunk or high and ran the gate at the National Security Agency, and, as you would expect, got shot. One died, the other survived. But yes, there was much wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth about poor trans. And his name was recited at TDOR.

Someone went through the list of the 20 or so TIMs murdered and, of course, almost all were DV or crime/drug-related. And let me just say given that most of them were black men, 20 black men are murdered a month in most large US cities. A black one is murdered every day, so no, this is no epidemic, just dudes getting murdered doing the same stupid shit dudes always get killed doing.

Yes, trans deaths are almost always related to co-morbidities: drug use, prostitution, poverty. And those things are related to...mental health! It's as if delusional people have a hard time staying off drugs, keeping a job, and staying off the streets. And if we offered delusional people mental health instead of "affirmative" care, they would probably be doing a lot, lot, lot better.

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Trans people are more protected from murder than the population at large. In a normal year (2020 has not been normal), the homicide rate overall is ~16,000 people of a ~330 million population, and the trans murder rate is ~30 people. Being conservative with the trans population, saying they're the old number of .3 percent, compared to the new data of 1 percent, there are about a million trans people in the U.S. This means their murder rate is about 3 people per 100,000 while the overall rate in the U.S. is 4.8 per 100,000.

Most people simply don't care when men are trying to present themselves as women or vice versa. They certainly don't care enough to kill someone doing it. The real "bigotry" trans people are concerned about is not being recognized as their "gender", which is the most irrelevant civil rights issue of our time.

So then I thought, "let's read about some other murders." Not to be morbidly curious, but...just curious. And this one in North Carolina is just plain mysterious! Why would a friend leave someone in an ambulance, but then return to shoot the friend dead in the ambulance?!?

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Pimp? John? Drug deal gone awry? Who the fuq knows. "Friend" can be vague, right?

Here was my theory: the friend needed to be in the ambulance to keep the victim from talking about something. Spilling the beans. Singing like a canary. Being a rat. But then he couldn't stay in the ambulance so....had to shut him up. That's my amateur sleuthing theory.