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Azealia Banks is extremely ill, and has been open in the past that she's taking anti-psychotics. For that reason I'm always uncertain about how to approach her more bizarre statements. People love jumping on women for being "transphobic", but if Kanye West said similar things, he'd get a pass for being ill.

I'm not saying what Banks is doing is okay, because it's absolutely not, but it seems like mentally ill women are judged much harsher than mentally ill men, especially if they're famous.

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Azealia Banks... even a stopped clock is right twice a day. God love her.

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She's hilarious and I love her. Problematic queen.

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Same. Her "your ballsack pussylips' tweet makes me warm inside whenever I think of it.

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She hates everyone and is extremely toxic. Im sure nazis disagree with trans people but it doesnt mean we align ourselves with them. She has a very long history of acting like a TRA. She uses her "oppression" card, being black, to say homophobic, racist and sexist things. She's very racist towards "brown" people, mocked irish people as "dirty losers who wish they were white but are seen as trash", uses homophobic slurs towards gay people.

She's also a massive fool and used to do the whole "white women! hahah..am i right? am i right???" and "cis gay men...lol, am i right? am i right or what"??" There's no core to her soul except narcissism. She's basically 10 TRA's rolled into one. She benefits greatly from the same environment that TRA's flourish in.

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I agree. She’s no role model and her career proves it. She had one semi-hit song 10 years ago and she has been self sabotaging her career ever since. She was signed to a major label and had songs with Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj but they got scraped.

Azealia does sometimes make good points, she just expresses them horrendously. She was pointing out the hypocrisy of TRA’s telling her she cannot change her religion with magic think, but they think they can change their gender and invade women’s spaces by putting on lipstick and a dress. She really got under their skin this time because she’s right. Just like she was right a few months ago when she posted about TIF’s getting thousands of dollars of surgery for free while women cant afford tampons. The TRA’s have had it out for her for years.

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Im not sure why youre downvoted. The TRAs hate her, but so do white women, brown women, lesbians/gays. She's just all over the place. And she pushes sexism through the guise of "if i attach white to it, then it MUST be alright!". She also does it with homosexuality. Again, anything thats just toxic, she pushes. She just seems to accidently have stumbled on to something right but she's not really "pro woman" in a lot of ways. Im just saying not everyone that TRAs disagree with are our friends.

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Lmao Azealia is messy as fuck, but she has such hilarious and accurate reads.