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This is an excellent piece.

I don’t understand the rush with FTM children. With MTF, the argument goes that they’ll never pass if they delay until adulthood. Sick to prioritise attractiveness over bone density and brain development, but ok that’s the trade off.

With FTM girls, they don’t get any more masculine looking by skipping their puberty and going straight to wrong sex hormones. There’s less/no breast to operate on, I guess but is that it? Avoiding menstruation?

I mean, shit son, if you want to neuter a female dog they say to let her have one season for health reasons. Or are animal analogies only for when we want to say hyena clitorises prove sex isn’t real?

Everyone needs to calm the fuck down and let these kids reach mental and physical maturity. What they do after that is between their doctors and themselves.

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Meanwhile I’ll hold my wish that young girls could become wild horses that no one can break.

that line broke me - I just started crying and couldn't stop. My heart is breaking for these girls, for my girl.

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The politicians of Canada are all cowards. I’m making a time capsule of all the suppressed pushback so that I can mail it to the government when the inevitable public enquiry into child mutilation and psychological abuse happens. This time capsule will include child indoctrination in schools and suppression of dissent.

They will not be able to pretend they didn’t know. I will name names. These politicians should get no peace in their retirement, and I will advocate their pensions be stripped.

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IT honestly frightens me that we get shamed for being concerned about the explosion of girls saying they are trans. According to people like Lindsey Ellis and Contrapoints, this is just because gender non complient girls can be the boys they where always meant to be barf I don't get how someone can call themselves a feminist and think girls saying they are boys because they don't like make up and princesses and played with trucks and science kits is a good thing.