"This isn't happening, and it is definitely a good thing that it is. If you say otherwise, you're a bigot who wants children to die."

I just did my annual gyno exam, sitting in my car right now gathering my will to drive home. Dr. asked me plans on contraception etc and I said I am interested in getting my tubes tied. She asked me a lot of questions about how long I have thought about it (since childhood, I have never wanted kids) what I would do if I changed my mind (adopt, obviously due to large amounts of orphaned kids that already exist), if I thought about a more temporary solution (I hate hormones), if I have a reason I dont want kids (I just dont, but I am narcoleptic and in no condition to take care of another human especially a very young one) and that she has to build a relationship with me over the next several years to assess how serious I am.

I am about to be 30...

And these kids get puberty blockers which render them infertile and cause unknown lifelong damage and halts their reproductive maturity because Sally wants to be a mechanic not a ballet dancer? Wtf is going on yall

Wow, and here we have women in their early 20s getting full-on hysterectomies if they have gender dysphoria. And at least from what I heard from other posters here, at least with getting tubes tied, there’s still a chance to have kids, unlike with puberty blockers where their sexual organs don’t even get to mature.

Tell her you have gender dysphoria about having patent (open, un’tied’ tubes)

Lol I am actually in a very very conservative state in US so I think(?) It would be just as difficult to get 'gender affirming care'.....at least I hope so? Ha.

Not that I approve, but I gather blockers routinely get started at Tanner stage 2, which some 9 year olds would be at. Girls, definitely.

Correct. And then, how long will a child be on cancer drugs which are known to produce such serious side effects that adults are only supposed to have a lifetime use of six months?

And, the answer is putting preteen girls on testosterone.