Why in the hell do these clowns always claim that they can’t go to prison because it’s distressing? I would be distressed. Everyone would be distressed. That’s the point.

I met with a sex offender in jail one time (to do an assessment) and he was like, I'm so depressed and I can't sleep.

I was like. It's jail. This is pretty much how everyone feels, lol.

(yea. I referred him for his meds.......sigh)

They claim it because - shockingly enough - they often get away with such things. Men are pandered to, to the degree of being punished less severely than women (there are statistics on this). Both socially and in court. They are regularly listened to when making such ridiculous claims. Women would be laughed out of the room if they said something similar.

so if a psychotic person came to court thinking they are Count Dracula, they would make 'history'

Please. Enough already.

The only thing here really making history is the absolute idiocy of the courts and our major institutions that can't figure out how to hold criminals accountable while noting their correct sex. That's history 'making' for sure.

Ah yes. Public urination. Such a common crime for women to commit.

Extraordinary that he behaves in exactly the same way however he identifies! Never would have thought it.

Morgan admitted the offence, but a handwritten amendment to court papers had been made in this case to score out Alan and replace it with Alannah

A judge making those changes to official court papers, or a court clerk doing so (at the instructions of a judge) shows the utter debasement of court proceedings. Law cannot function like this.