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I've always felt that Daniel Radcliffe gets away with so much less criticism than he deserves. Emma Watson is only a few years out from the dreaded age of 35 where if as a woman you haven't proven yourself to be a box office draw or an awards magnet, you're done and out of time. Emma has not done this and according to sexists on the internet, she's aging like sh*t. She's being shown the door very soon. I'm not defending her at all, but it seems unfair that she takes the brunt of criticism when Daniel is running his mouth just as often and not getting as much pushback.

Daniel Radcliffe has been aging like sh*t since he was 17 but luckily for him as a male, this makes little difference. He'll probably get to have a nice little indie career as long as he keeps feeding the TRA machine every few months as he seems eager to do. But for me as a gay person, I really hope he understands that I don't see him as any kind of ally. If he wants to be able to look in a mirror maybe don't support castrating gay and GNC kids, you stupid fucking prick.

Also, he's a racist piece of shit who thinks it's totally normal to have white supremacist friends. But that's okay because trans people matter more than people of color. A white 50-year-old man who gets a boner in a skirt is far more important than subjugated girls and women to white "liberal" males like him.

He really is the perfect poster child for the rich, whiny Millennial male who fancies himself interesting. Incapable of thinking on his own. A misogynist. A "progressive" who still finds a way to center men in every single facet of his activism. Fuck him.

I think Emma is so hot! I can’t stand her idea of feminism and I’m sure she’d drive me insane but I genuinely think anyone who looks at her and doesn’t see a gorgeous lady is an absolute baffoon.

Daniel is really ugly imho, he’s got a crappy personality, thinks he’s more than he is, entertains the company of racists and hates women. Loser.

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She looks like a perfectly normal young woman to me. The pictures they were using to say she looks too old for her age showed her clearly raising her eyebrows which causes forehead wrinkles. Something that also happens to kids, lol.

These were the "Feminism makes you ugly" type of conservatives saying this though. Apparently when she was 15 and didn't have so many opinions, she was cuter. Emma isn't an actual feminist but even her bullsh*t, male centered activism is just too much for them, I guess.

I proberbly think she’s so beautiful because she’s fortunate enough to have access to great dermatologists and aestheticians- they’ll make a kickback off HP for the rest of their lives they’ll never struggle again.

Men hate her because she’s not 15 and she used the word feminist (despite pandering to them in the process) so they’re going to cry and call her an ugly old hag.

I watch some UK entertainment media. Watson will still have jobs in film and TV if she's willing to not be the hot little number anymore. Where she won't have a job is in Hollywood. Hope she's OK with that.

I've honestly always appreciated that about UK entertainment. So many talented people who would never have been given a chance in Hollywood otherwise got their starts in the UK.

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The only thing that gets me worse about Emma compared to Dan is her self-righteous feminism as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. The damage she does to feminism, and to women in general, while standing centre stage, is the egregious part. For me, while I'm still a feminist in many ways, feminism has been dragged through the mud due to the way it was infected by queer theory and gender identity theory and postmodernist bollocks. Emma is just this hyper-capitalist pretty face to slap on the whole project - and go figure, she's a weak actor to boot. It's all about appearance. Appearing to be virtuous, while in fact being a posh wealthy actor of no real substance placing working class women in horrendous situations that she herself will never have to face (males in women's prisons, men in women's bathrooms, etc.)

The fact Emma went after JKR as hard as she did was just disgusting. Daniel I guess I have way lower expectations of because he's just like every other straight dude actor scrambling to say the "woke" thing to appease the mob, while having done close to zero real thinking about the issue.

Daniel: "Transwomen ARE women and I think JK is wrong. We, the cast of "the franchise", don't agree with her. I speak for all of the cast. I also have very racist friends who I don't agree with."

... "Sir, this a Wendy's"

He has to drag JKR into his publicity campaigns otherwise the press and everyone else wouldn't give a shit about what he has been doing.

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Radcliffe, on the other hand, is a 33-year-old man child who most probably (definitely) wouldn’t have a stellar career had he not been first cast as the boy wizard aged 12.

He hasn’t had a stellar career even with that huge head start! 😆

But y’know, he couldn’t have looked at himself in the mirror if he hadn’t spoken out, which might well have been the greatest tragedy of all.


Great Bast I love this piece! She absolutely shreds these TRA gobshites.

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ty for the archive! this is gold. what an odious, conceited little scrote.

also: the phrase "a far larger tranche" made me laugh, which if anyone is familiar with the tenacious unicorn ranch...lol

Emma Watson doesn't act, she just wiggles her eyebrows.

That's not fair! She also does that thing where she sort of bobs from side to side.

Buzzfeed (why do I torture myself reading that trash, idk) has an article that praises him and man the comments are just a complete cesspool of utter morons and incels. And they're moderating out anything critical. Each time the question is asked, not a single person can identify what JK said that is transphobic. It is always "I won't argue with transphobes!" or "google it yourself its not transfolx job to educate you!" or " TERF!". Like they are completely devoid of original thought. These are exactly the type of people that became Nazis yet that is completely lost on them.

Wasn't he cast because his dad was a producer on the films? Explains a lot. They didn't even bother to dye his hair black, ffs.

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