The offensiveness of this is off the charts. Transgender women are women. Transgender men are men. Period. But we’re talking about Greene, who has shown herself to be a bottomless pit of ugliness.

This piece is so preposterously distorted and slanted that it’s impossible to read beyond a few paragraphs. It’s really obscene... talk about a “bottomless pit of ugliness.”

Lately, I’ve been writing on a “right wing” forum, one that is dominant right but has a large minority of lefties (I don’t wish the name the subject), it is amazing what I’ve learned about the press from their perspective, and the obvious depth of their criticism, despite their occasional going-off into imaginary conspiracies. I’m convinced that both sides learn from each other. But it’s also remarkable that no one there uses the downvote function despite the right-left mix, which tells me a lot about my “enemy.” They recognize that they’re up against the powers that be, and just pass over differences... it’s amazing, and no one ever draws attention to this...it just happens.

I often write on dailykos and followed a lot of liberals on twitter before being thrown off. :) If you step out of line on dailykos, you get attacked. And I mean really attacked, as in name calling, reporting, etc. I got banned for 3 days for saying something about Title IX. I don't even remember. It wasn't anything aggressive at all. There is no room for nuance on lefty sites. I've been there for a long time, and it is getting worse every election cycle. Same with twitter. For a "big tent" party, the Dems are making their tent smaller and smaller.

Wow a man giving an opinion about what is or isn’t feminism. Thanks WaPo.

These assholes screech "NOT ALL MEN/TRANS-WOMEN!!" whenever we bring up people like Yaniv. But they're perfectly happy to act as if we're all the same as Greene after this one incident.

The difference is that GCs and radfems are happy to disavow Greene. TRAs stand by their TIM predators