Not even the woke crowd thinks TIFs are real blokes! : https://archive.ph/FstYy

TIFs are not taken seriously by wokesters and LibFems in other words!

Not even the woke crowd thinks TIFs are real blokes! : https://archive.ph/FstYy TIFs are not taken seriously by wokesters and LibFems in other words!


i know a lot of gay trans guys irl, and some of them are pretty femme, but in a totally faggy gay male way that makes it totally clear that these are men who want to be men and act like men around other men.

These people are all so homophobic.

These people are all so homophobic.

"I spend all day running around flapping my wrists like limp noodles while quoting Will&Grace! And gay men still clock me as AFAB!! I don't understand why!!" 😭

I stg the only place I ever see the f word is when TIFs are using it.


It's been a long time since I was a teenager, but I don't recall hearing that word nearly as often as TIFs like to call themselves it.

these are men who want to be men

But if they're truly genuine men like they want you to think why would they want to be men? Why would you want to be something you already are? Unless....

It’s sad how TIFs appropriate gay male mannerisms. Like, why???

It's more like, they have obviously feminine characteristics from being socialized as women but they try to pass it off as "I'm a really fruity gay man" instead.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprise if they don't do that, they just go around calling themselves "f*ggot" while making everyone but themselves viscerally uncomfortable.

TBF, the only TIF I've ever met and didn't clock, I thought she was an effeminate gay man until she mentioned that she "used to be female." Except that she was in a relationship with a woman, which confused the hell out of me. I've known dozens of transmen, that was the only one who fooled me.

I met a TIF once who I call he all the time when I talk about bc like, I genuinely cannot view that person as a woman. looked and sounded just like a short scrawney dude. I guess once she told me I kind of saw it, but yeah no... transition successful I guess?

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SAME! she was also very fat so had the gender blob look going for her but I had to overhear a conversation to find out she was really a woman!

No one cares about TIFs except feminists, and TIFs hate feminists because we don't pretend they're men.

TIFs only come up in trans discourse when they can be used, whether it's by activists to push destructive anti-safeguarding measures whose problems would be immediately obvious to everyone if a TIM were the figurehead, by males of any kind who sense an especially vulnerable woman to exploit, or any other ways that women who, wittingly or not, opt into being "useful idiots" are targeted.

No one cares about TIFs except feminists, and TIFs hate feminists because we don't pretend they're men.

TRAs: Your feminism must be trans-inclusive or it is bullshit!

Radical feminists: Sure, we include all female people, even if they identify as trans.

TRAs: Not like that, get raped and die.

No one cares about TIFs except feminists, and TIFs hate feminists because we don't pretend they're men.

I liken them to all those male identified women, who were throwing their fellow women under the bus long before trans was a thing. They still benefit from feminism at the end of the day.

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The thread comments are hilarious lol

having said that, it still stings a little when i hear my friends say “all men suck, men are terrible, i hate men”. like… guys, im standing right here. i understand what they mean, but it still feels a little “othering”.

I love it when it's obvious that even "allies" don't buy into the trans BS, no matter how much they claim to. When I was in a group of TRAs, every once in a while their true beliefs leaked through. Like when one TiF deliberately misgendered another TiF, even though she knew said TiF had changed her pronouns. Or when another "ally" admitted that she didn't like any TiF she'd ever met. Of course, they always reverted back to the same old TRA mantras at the end of the day, but deep down they know. They always know, but they're still okay with violating their own integrity and lying.

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This isn't shocking though, the whole woke dogma is that people with more privilege points are always evil, and people with "oppressed" identities are inherently good, no matter how they behave. You see woke libfems saying that only white men are the problem, even though all races of men oppress women, or they'll say it's only "cishet" men, even though gay men can be just as sexist. There's no logic to it, except that TIPs are untouchable and must be shown reverence in every conversation, even ones that don't concern them. If TIPs are upset about this they need to take it up with the TRAs who made the rules, not random women who are just trying not to get harassed and cancelled by the woke mob.

Notice how TIMs are never upset that they aren't spoken to the same as women though? They're more than happy to occupy a privileged position with everyone tiptoeing around their feelings. Edited to add: All the time people post disgusting shit on the lesbian subs like "trans women are the best women!", "lady dick is so much better than vag", or "cis people are the worst" and none of the TIMs have a problem with it, it's exactly what they want to hear.

it doesn't surprise me, this ideology started in America a country who's schools teach nothing of the world outside its own boarders, imagine getting your worldview from twitter.

Yeesh, the one TiF in there saying it's the fault of TiFs who aren't trans enough because they are still too "fem-brained". How hateful can you get? I thought all trans were "valid"?

And the weird thing is, someone takes offense and in turn accuses that TiF of being a detransitioner.

What a mess of confused and self-hating (but projecting it on everyone else) women all trying to be more ideologically "pure" than the other TiFs.

god its like bizarreo world, you can see they are trying to talk logic but their logic circuits are all off somewhere wired wrong so they are incapable of making sense no matter how hard they try.

this one especially annoyed me.

I'm not trying to argue, but I want to go in a little deeper into the "trans men have different experiences from cis men" point. My parent's treated me like a problem and absolutely nothing like my sisters. I didn't even get new clothes because they knew I wouldn't wear them and if I did, they would be destroyed after a few days spent playing in the woods with my male friends. They couldn't correct my behavior so they ignored me and I rebeled, drinking and experimenting with drugs by middle school and by the time I was 17 I was kicked out. So while my childhood wasn't exactly like a cis male's, it's mostly similar to that of a neglected child, which isn't something that the sjw narratives ever touch. But I think a lot of people assume that having different experiences from cis men implies that we all had experiences similar to cis women and I received nothing that would be considered female socialization about my behavior, if anything I wasn't taught even basic social skills.

what is female socialisation? I am a female I was neglected by my parents to an extent as I was the unwanted 3rd wheel they already had 1 of each, my hand me downs were both my bothers and sisters, I lived in ripped clothing as I played around in the mud and stuff, I played with boys as they had the same toys I liked, I didn't play with them because they were boys, kids don't think like that, they think of interests you play with who shares your interests. there is any number of reasons why this girls sister was treated differently including the most simple one of child led parenting. this person is nothing special in terms of how they behaved as a child, what is special is that they have some strange view and expectation thet they should be taught what a woman is and how one should behave.