I cringe more so when cis people add their pronouns to something. Yes I can obviously tell you are a woman.

Good, so you agree; let's drop the entire pronoun nonsense and live in reality world. KTHXBAI

On one hand, we’re told we should state our pronouns to be good allies, but suddenly this isn’t good enough. Fucking hypocrites.

Ha! Back when I first heard the word cis, I refused to use it because it sounded like cyst.

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The term "cis" has also created some issues for/amongst people with cystic fibrosis, their families and supporters as well as those who are known to be carriers of the genetic mutations that cause CF.

I like how even these people recognize the appropriate word is “normal.”

Cis is such bullshit. They say it means opposite (may well so in chemistry, but that's not the context), but doesn't that imply that trans women are not women if they're the opposite of cis? It undermines the entire argument that trans is just a sub category of a sexed population.

Also when talking of opposites, you kinda imagine some balance, happy the opposite of sad, wet the opposite of dry. Trans are a tiny subset of a population, not an opposite.

Finally I just hate it as it implies I'm in alignment with gender stereotypes about my sex. Nope, I'm not, so it's not a useful descriptor. For a group who don't like binaries they sure like the binaries.

Cis is an insult and they can stick it where the sun don't shine.

the opposite of trans is being a woman or man, one not mutilated by surgery or full of artificial hormones, they can stick to shoving trans on the front so everyone knows they are medical fetishists, is that the word? I'd say it is whats the difference between them and plastic surgery addicts whom are never happy with their own face.

if they are trans and don't do any of those things well then they are not trans are they. they are just men and women same as us and they can stay in their lanes.

It's a good thing I don't use cis at all. It's a garbage term invented by LARPERs.