Imagine being a 46 year old man and complaining about the "cyberbullying" that you fully brought on yourself and could end the effects of at any time by simply ignoring the trolls. Little man baby.

It reminds me a little bit of people who get face tattoos and then complain that no one will hire them.

That little documentary the DM did about this guy is hilarious. The footage was shot to show how huge he is. When he was shown walking with the woman I thought of the giant from "The Princess Bride." And of course, by giving him free rein to blab on and just showing and printing what he said, the DM makes it abundantly clear how narcissistic and totally self-absorbed this guy is.

Used to be, policing was supposed to be about keeping the peace, protecting and serving, catching bad guys and bringing them to justice. Now the job is all about propping up and affirming the "identity" of blokes like this, promoting "trans visibility" and making big strapping middle-aged men with weapons and badges feel safe and protected.

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Truth be told, I don't understand why any kids are drawn into transitioning by adults; even the "cool", "fun" ones on YouTube seem desperate and pathetic. That said, despite my being an out-of-touch older adult not understanding the kids these days, I'm still pressing doubt on this TIM inspiring anyone. The fetish oozes off of him, and, at a glance, he seems unstable and frightening.

Does the U.K. have an equivalent of Chris Hansen? This guy’s hard drive needs to be searched…

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There are zero kids on earth that will be transitioning due to his “prompts”.