It's so strange when there is a serious, level-headed op-ed in The Daily Mail and then to the right are clickbait titles like "GUESS WHO HAD A TINY BIKINI ON?!?!?!

I think it's interesting that the article points out that at The Guardian and in the Labour Party, two very left organisations, the factions are leftists v women rather than the hard left v the left. Women are being treated here almost as a choice-based political class rather than as an immutable sex-based class. It's like they realise that women are a class apart and have a unique set of issues that no political party has a claim to being the champion of, but can't quite grasp the concept of why women share certain values and needs that set them apart from the left or right.

I'll bet Jones never gets admonished by Viner for his bullying because the trans cult would unleash hell if she did. Vile little man.