Clothing is enough to get someone kicked from an event now. Unless you’re a fetishistic man, in which case, welcome in!

[–] GenderHeretic Assigned2LegsAB 42 points

She should come back wearing gigantic rubber boobs.

She should come back wearing gigantic rubber boobs.

Or a gigantic rubber dick

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The woman said she had eventually been told by parliament staff that her scarf had been deemed unacceptable because it was “associated with a political movement”.

Sturgeon claims to be such a feminist but can’t be bothered to learn the movement’s history.

Also, by the logic used to remove her, transactivists with their baby flag colors should be removed, too.

This is unbelievable: removing women wearing suffragette colours from political debate in 2022. We truly are in post-parody world.

removing women wearing suffragette colours

What next? Removing women's right to vote?

What next? Removing women's right to vote?

Don't give them ideas....

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So in Scotland women are demonized, denied basic civil rights and not allowed to participate fully in politics or society for wearing scarves whilst in Iran women are demonized, denied basic civil rights and not allowed to participate in politics or society for not wearing scarves.

How can the Sturgeon, the SNP and mandarins in/at Scottish Parliament not see that they are behaving exactly like the tyrannical, misogynistic mullahs in Iran?

It's time to start calling Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's supposed "first feminist," by her true name: Ayatollah Sturgeon.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 5 points

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sturgeon thinks she’s a reincarnation of James VI, first king of Scotland and England and at least partly responsible for thousands of women’s murders with executions of “witches”.

hmmmm. Makes me want to find a purple jacket, white knit hat, and green scarf to wear every single day this winter.

Archive: https://archive.ph/lZZ2R

The woman said she had eventually been told by parliament staff that her scarf had been deemed unacceptable because it was “associated with a political movement”.

However, two of the MSPs on the committee, and other parliament staffers, attended the hearing wearing rainbow lanyards, which have been adopted by trans rights activists. They were not asked to leave.

Added later: The Parliament has apologized:

https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/woman-asked-leave-holyrood-committee-28495652?1= [https://archive.ph/vrRmY]

Associated with a political movement...the political movement that got women the right to vote? How dare this woman wear such a statement? Does she believe women deserve rights or something?!

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They had to know they were lying with that blatant double standard. Any excuse to remove women who aren't handmaidens!

According to the Lucy Blackburn Twitter thread, they made two other women wearing purple white and green tartan scarves take them off and even a lady wearing a solid dark purple scarf.

Purple is a colour making up most of my wardrobe. I'm curious how much they'd demand I strip down to be allowed to attend.

My wardrobe is heavily purple and lavender too. Plus black and white.

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The Scottish Parliament banned Scottish women wearing tartan?

Maybe someone needs to inform Scotland’s first minister that the Act of Proscription was repealed in 1782.


Like the article says, banning clan tartan, clan dress, was part of several acts and actions that were directly intended to eradicate the clan rule in the Highlands. It eradicated the culture, clan law, cooperative methods of living and farming and ‘owning’ land (in that no one owned it, it wasn’t fenced), it eradicated their traditions and language and broke up families and communities, slaughter and starved out people or split them from loved ones and their homelands to be shipped abroad. The highland clearances were a form of genocide of the way of life in that they forcibly eradicated the last form of clan life. Highland dress served practical purposes as sleeping blankets when herding cattle and tartan was how families/allies identified each other. And it was a badge of pride, honour and identity.

Removing Scot’s women for wearing suffragette colours, the very reason she is first minister being women gaining the vote, is horrific enough but removing them for wearing suffragette coloured tartan feels much worse given Scotland’s (very recent) history with the criminalisation of clan tartan.

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So they’re back to banning tartan in Scotland now. Might as well bring back the post-‘45 Rebellion “Diskilting Act” and be done with it.

I swear I can hear Edward I’s ghost saying “I told you these Scots weren’t competent to rule themselves!”

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I have a scarf in a tartan in those colours.

Edit bc I can't remember anything correctly these days! Think I will get the scarf out again though.

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Parliament doesn’t allow politics.

Are yellow and black not allowed either?

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Never heard of Rachel Hamilton before but she is fabulous. An JC statement spot on as always.

However in the headline catching this was the vote https://www.scottishdailyexpress.co.uk/news/politics/snp-scottish-greens-vote-against-28496491

Any form of self ID is abysmal obviously, but the idea anyone would vote to stop amendments that prevent sex offenders using self ID as a loophole to prison is beyond words.