A spokesman for the board said they had to draft extra law enforcers and hired a private security firm for the controversial hearings, as various social media users threatened to 'mail pipe bombs' to the 14-member panel.

'We had a lot of reason to be concerned,' the spokesman told DailyMail.com.

'It wasn't just this last meeting. It's been every meeting we've conducted on this issue.'

Definitely the social movement of people who want to live their lives, and definitely not the social movement of a cult willing to commit acts of terror to scare people into compliance.

I hate the signs that state “ Stop Trans Genocide” There isn’t any trans genocide happening. The jews, Armenian, and Rohhingya muslims were victims of such. Its a false narrative that only a cult fueled by narcissists and victim mentality would claim.

These poor kids. But it's totally not a cult. NO, no way, no siree, this isn't Woke Scientology at all.

It's crazy that they can make bomb threats on social media with no repercussions. If I was to make a bomb threat to any group that was actually causing harm to people, even as a joke. the powers that be would call the law on my anarchist ass in a second.

Thanks. Another favor for real women, stirring up yet more hatred for Planned Parenthood.

I tried to keep an open mind about transgender issues, but the more I learn, the more harmful they are to us.

Welp, the Be Kind Brigade strikes again! They seem very desperate.

Are there any prominent detransitioners who say there are no trans people and it's all a big lie? I haven't heard of any. Willing to be proven wrong.

Chloe Cole's probably the closest one I can think of. I don't think she has directly said that trans identity is a lie - and it would probably hurt her cause to do so - but she's been very vocal about the harm done by TRAs pushing gender ideology and has said that medical transition should be considered a palliative measure of last resort for gender dysphoria, not a cure. That's pretty much how I see it too, and I'd consider myself very much GC.